Goodbye, Joe, And Hello, Joe

Goodbye, 'Joe'!

Today I said goodbye to original 'Joe Hoak'.  He's bloomed out.  He's not dead and gone though--by no means.  He's now four 'Joe's instead of one.  Here's one...
 photo poppy7711_zpssbecpc5m.jpg
...and another.
 photo poppy7699_zpsfxrdidrj.jpg
And there's already a grandson!
 photo poppy7709_zpsfuy58mtf.jpg
Digging out original Joe, which was easy since the roots were mostly gone, I found he was terribly infested with mealy bug.  And--wait!  What?  His last gift.
Ooooh!  Possibly Joe will end up being seven Joes instead of four.  These newfound offsets look bad, but at first, so did the now-beautiful sons.  
Hello, Joe!
 photo poppy7713_zpspuuilg9o.jpg
Today was a day of moving/removing plants.  It will be close to 80F (26 C) again by Friday, so I wanted to get the heavy digging done before then.  We got a little more rain--perhaps only .25", but the plants were noticeably happy about it.  So was I.  There was precious saved rain to water in the transplants. 

The California poppies on the west slope began to bloom just a day or two ago.
 photo poppy7681_zpsjeib6zee.jpg
They look fabulous with the lavender-blue Lupines, which look fabulous also with Agave 'Snow Glow' in the background.
 photo poppy7683_zps3xxtv9de.jpg
The poppies are like sunshine itself.
 photo poppy7686_zpsgryqsbbv.jpg


  1. Old Joe left you some handsome progeny. After seeing your photo, I'm having 2nd thoughts about leaving 'Snow Glow' behind on my last trip to Roger's...

    1. The ones I got are getting prettier already--I'm quite pleased.

  2. And with several pretty Joes to replace the old one, it was a good life...

  3. One plant becomes seven -- if every great plant did that, gardening would be so much fun (and would spread like the flu)!

    1. I know what you mean--it would be wonderful to have another Itoh peony without having to pay $60 for it.

  4. Wonderful photos of the Lupine and the Californian Poppies, they are so pretty and colourful. Great news that Joe Hoak has produced so many offspring. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. Funny, I always think of agaves as female, and refer to them as mother plant and pups. I guess they can be fathers too.

    1. 'Joe' is an exception, a beautiful exception.


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