Sunday Morning

Clematis 'Angelique' above
The sun emerged harsh.
A strange, sheer white sheet of fog drifted in from the canyon, like the gown of a ghost bride.  

In places, the light was still harsh, in other places it was vague and grey. 

Then the light was bright again.
'William Morris'
Fog or harsh hot light, this is prettier in person:
'Fourth of July', with 'Firefighter' to its lower left:
 The garden was quite stressed by our latest heat wave
 Though there were still plenty of roses
'Lunar Mist', a short climbing rose, color sport of 'Colette':
 'Hercules', are you branching?  Look at the center--are two rosettes forming?  I climbed up on the wall next to 'Hercules' and tried to look down into it.  Nope, he's too tall.  I'll need a ladder.  A tall ladder.
 From atop the wall, it was easy to look down into the Calothamnus
And look down into a potted Agave--hey!  I've been hoping for Trachelium seedlings for a couple of years.  Where does one appear?  Wedged under an Agave.  Don't you hate it when they do that?  Maybe it's hiding from the harshness of the sun. 
 I wish the fog had hung on longer.  'Jude The Obscure' doesn't reveal the best of himself in harsh sunlight.
'Brass Band' better handles bright sun
 Several years ago I gave up on 'Star Of The Nile' and pulled it out, but obviously  I left some roots.  How about that--there it is again, looking better than it ever did. 
Despite the beauties of a quiet Sunday morning...
Some are just not impressed.  


  1. The fog should be back again tomorrow morning so you can take more beautiful photos. Do you think this is "June Gloom" come early? Earlier heatwaves, premature morning fog...What's next?

    1. How about a torrential rain storm--or several torrential rain storms? Hey, if I'm going to hope, I'm going to hope big!

  2. Your Sunday morning looks sublime Gail!

  3. Wonderful images, the fog creates a softer light, poetic words too dear Hoover! The roses are spectacular in the sunlight, the whole garden looks beautiful.
    I don't know who is asleep there but is looks like a good idea to me. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. A great Sunday morning with mysterious fog pictures and beautiful roses in the sun and the best of all is that lazy furry friend of you.
    What more do we want?

  5. I can't believe how many roses are in bloom in your garden. It looks like a catalog!

    On the 'Hercules', I also think it's branching. Wouldn't that be exciting? It's growing up. Soon it'll be old enough to drive!

    1. I think 'Hercules' has plans far beyond driving--world dominance!

  6. I appreciate Sunday morning because the power-equipment neighbors are usually in resting mode.I have sure gotten grouchy about leaf blowers ! Your roses look fabulous Hoov .. mine are in bud mode with the odd flower opening.

    1. Grouch away--the house behind me they run the blowers over every bit of bare ground so there can be bare ground. Every Wednesday. Forces me indoors. Takes what seems like an hour. Why? Why? Okay, you hit a nerve there.

      My roses are so early this year--enjoy yours.

  7. So much to love: clematis, tiny hummingbird feet, fog, "William Morris," purple and yellow, a relaxed dog, old fave 'Jude the Obscure' -- thanks for a wonderful post!

    1. Thanks, Luisa! I was sitting below and to one side of the feeder yesterday and I could lean back my head and see the tiny hummer feet. Some were primly placed, and others were manspreading.


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