Hmmm...get the ladder...




  1. Cute! They are clever about hiding their nests.

  2. Awesome! *is jealous* I feel like the only one without a nest. One friend is monitoring baby wrens, another is watching baby hummingbirds... My sister has a nest of juncos on her balcony every year, and tracks their progress for NestWatch. But no nests at my place, as far as I can tell [sigh].

    Here's another point that complicates the water issue: birds benefit so much from your garden. Food, water, safe nesting places... there should be Papal, er, Water Districtal dispensation for gardens that provide so much for birds. Especially when their numbers are in decline all over! Habitat destruction is bad enough, and rock 'lawns' on top of that? Oy.

    1. They must be there, Luisa. They are so careful about hiding themselves.

      It was a surprise to me to find so many nests from the previous spring in the David Austin roses when I do the winter pruning. I never would have thought. The Towhees get fat every summer on the tomato horn worms, and I have caterpillar-free tomatoes. The brunt of the water savings will come from our gardens. Grrrrr!

  3. Gorgeous discovery, they look so cute.....


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