Sunday Pretty

Above, thready Euphorbia foliage at the Huntington Desert Garden

It's Bloom Day, but I didn't feel like doing blooms today.  Instead, for a Sunday, a small meditation on the beauty of the plant world. 
Huntington Desert Garden
 Shadows cast by the Ginko tree near the Huntington Palm Garden:
 Scaevola and Sedum:
 Aloe suprafoliata will soon have its first flowers.  After that the leaves will begin to spiral. 
 Aloe 'Roikoppie'
 Aloe 'Roikoppie' clusters with Agave 'Joe Hoak':
Aloe capitata foliage is nearly the same color as Aloe 'Roikoppie' flowers:
 Gasteria acinacifolia flowers.  This is the largest Gasteria species and grows happily in the ground in Southern California, given part shade and quick drainage.  The flower stems can reach 2' or more, and are beloved by hummingbirds.  
 The beauty of the plant world must stand as defiance to the ugliness and stupidity that seems this morning too prevalent in the human species.  Vive la France. 


  1. Dear Hoover, very lovely plants and flowers, the morning light looks so soft and beautiful, a vast contrast to the ugliness which is invading our world.
    Vive la France.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. We must keep growing our gardens and make the world more beautiful.

  2. It's good to focus on beauty in times like these.

  3. You're right. When confronted with so much human ugliness, at least we have our gardens to find peace and comfort it. #jesuisparis

  4. I had difficulty with today's bloom day post too, although I went ahead with it anyway. Your post has a nice contemplative air, appropriate to the place we find ourselves. Beautiful photos, as always. Do you know what the plant is that hangs above the Aloe suprafoliata? It's a particularly attractive combination.

    1. That is Maireana sedifolia, highly recommended (full sun only). I need to move the Aloe after it flowers because the Maireana will soon engulf it.


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