That Slow?

While blogging about Lagerstroemia 'Dynamite' recently I looked back on some old posts containing 'Dynamite', and noticed this shot from July 2014 that included the native Quercus agrifolia seedling I'd planted from a sprouted acorn.  The oak seedling is in the wire rabbit guard on the right.   The rose is still there, as is the Aloe striata on the lower right of the photo:
 photo phorm9244_zps9e4a132f.jpg
The previous photo was a shock, because I'd taken a photo of the same area just prior to blogging:
  Wow!  That's a difference of only two years.  Are oaks all that slow?  Huh.  How 'bout that?


  1. Few things more satisfying to see than desirable trees off to a steady, healthy start. May it prosper for many, many years.

  2. That's almost scary! Those succulents may be in shade sooner than you anticipated.

    1. Many Agaves are native to open Oak and Pine forests (on slopes), living in the partial shading of the large trees, so I am not overly concerned. However Agave 'Ivory Curls' has been completely engulfed by the crazy-fast growth of Leucospermum 'Yellow Bird' and must be moved.

      Supposedly the Oak will slow way down once it hits about 15'.

  3. My professor at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Carl Whit mob developed "dynamite".. He was after a true red flower. He would put seed into a radiation chamber and then run trials. I think this one was "Whit IV".

    1. Dynamite is 'Whit II' and it's a real gem. 'Red Rocket' is 'Whit IV' 'Siren Red' is 'Whit VII' and is also a splendid red.

      All hail Dr. Whit!


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