In A Garbage Barrel For Saturday

The Phylica didn't survive summer.  Pretty dead, still pretty, though dead.  
 I suspect insufficient water, or else it was just too hot.  Both, probably.  Oh well, onward!   I moved one of the Kalanchoe orgyalis to the Phylica's spot, and planted Leucadendron 'Reverse Polarity' in the Kalanchoe's spot.  The Kalanchoe looks thirsty, also.  Better add some irrigation minutes to that zone. 
 'Reverse Polarity' has a red cone surrounded by yellow bracts.  The more typical has a yellow cone surrounded by red bracts.  Hence the name.  Leucadendrons have been less touchy than the Phylica, though I've also lost 'Little Bit' and 'Pisa'.  These variations on 'Safari Sunset' have been the easiest. 
The reverse of this:
I console myself with Agave 'Joe Hoak'.  No touchiness there, (not to mention, do not touch).
'Joe' glows, and grows.  No fuss. 
 Thanks, Joe!


  1. Replies
    1. I meant no disrespect to the vase thing. This title better fits my gardening.

  2. My 'Joe Hoak' aspires to look like yours someday.

  3. Your Joe Hoaks are very handsome. I'm going to be pulling plants out this fall to the yard waste bin too.

    1. It's getting to be that time of year. Although That Time Of Year seems to be year round here.


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