Beautiful Fatsia japonica 'Camouflage'™

Fatsia japonica, the plain green version, was one of the first plants I was ever aware of--Mom and Dad had planted it in our garden before I was born.  I remember when I was four or five years old thinking the leaves were huge.  Fast forward (quite a while) to 2014, when I saw the 'Spiders Web' version in Portland on the 2014 Fling.  
Ooooh!  Waaaannnt!
 photo steal0039_zpsb8754284.jpg
I ended up mail ordering a small 'Spiders Web' which never quite webbed.  I lost patience and tossed it.  Then a neighbor was going to get rid of her 'Spiders Web', and offered it to me.  Obviously, destiny. 
But howcome they are webbier in Portland?

 Nice in a blue pot!
Then at Roger's Gardens one Sunday, I saw Fatsia 'Camoflage'.
Ooooh!  Waaannnt!
After blogging and posting the above photo in December, out of the blue I got an email from the local Monrovia representative.  Would I like a freebie?   With no obligation or strings attached.  No, I don't have to blog about it. 

Are you kidding?  Heck yeah!
Looks great with another part-shade lover,  Philondendron 'Golden Xanadu', (which could use a little more light to be truly golden).  The variegation brightens the area when it is in shade. 

Looks great with Sedum 'Angelina' at its base...
Wild with good old Sanseveria...
Even more wild on the patio with the Sans and variegated Agave attenuata!
Thank you Monrovia!!!

A chartreuse pot would work, don't you think?  
Around here, Fatsia japonica looks best with a few hours of the earliest or latest sunlight of the day, or all day dappled shade.  It is a thirstier than average plant, but bear in mind my "average plant" is an Agave. 


  1. Wow, lucky you!!! While I'm not a fan of 'Spiders Web' I ADORE 'Camouflage' and bought one last summer. I was more than a little freaked out when a huge branch from the neighbor's Fir tree fell on it a couple weeks ago (broken by the ice/snow/wind). Thankfully it didn't break it!

    (oh and yes, chartreuse for sure!)

    1. Yes, amazing luck--still pretty surprised about it. 'Camouflage' lights up a shady space--how great is that?

      I remember you had one also and was wondering how yours held up to the snow/ice. I'm glad it's okay.

  2. I have more empty pots than ever this year. Now I know what to plant in one of them!

    1. I have empty pots but because I'm getting plants into the ground. I am hoping most of the empty pots can stay empty. Potted plants are difficult for me. They dry out too fast.

  3. 'Camouflage' is my fave but I love them all. You seem to live a charmed life.

  4. I brought home what appears to be a 'Camouflage' fatsia this winter too, and it's been getting full winter sun and loving all this rain. And I share your confusion as to why Spider Web is webbier in the PNW. Does our stronger sun have something to do with it? I think Monrovia could make great use of you as a test garden ;)

    1. Monrovia already has a test garden here--they just don't know about it!

      I read somewhere sometime that the webbiness increases as the leaf ages, but don't have first hand knowledge that is the case. T'would be nice!


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