Foliage While Waiting

 Above:  Agave marmorata with raindrops

 A look at foliage while waiting for the rain (yes, more!) to abate.  This is a happy wait.  Also waiting for the green waste bins to be emptied so I can do some more pruning and clean up.  That is an impatient wait.
Garden magic in a barrel:
 Echeveria 'Imbricata' at a different angle
 I moved the Drimia maritima, Giant White Squill, from the west slope to the front (south) slope at exactly the wrong time last year: when it was just waking up and leafing out.  The emerging foliage stopped emerging and died.  The bulbs did not bloom in August as they usually do.  I thought I'd killed the bulbs, but it turned out they were simply recovering.  Our generous rainfall this season brought the foliage back.
Two bulbs just visible between two Agave 'Joe Hoak':
 One higher and even drier further up the slope:
 I moved Aloe dorotheae out of a very nice pot it had completely filled, and into the ground, choosing the spot without considering the Senecio mandraliscae nearby.  The Aloe had not reddened up due to sun exposure so it was still mostly green.  A surprise, therefore, seeing them together, with the Aloe now this arresting coral:
 Wet outside (yay!), dry in the house (as it should be).  Time to water the Tillandsias.  With rainwater!
 No rain predicted for tomorrow, and the green waste bins will be emptied.  One out of two is okay. 


  1. Wow, LOVE that Aloe dorotheae. Mine is in full sun and NEVER gets this color.

    Your Drimia maritima look great paired with 'Joe Hoak'. All the plants in your garden look so happy right now.

    1. Rain is magic! Makes plants happy.

      I read somewhere there are two types of dorotheae, (huh? wha?) which I speculated explained why I have two bought at different times that are not really alike--the other doesn't redden up nearly so much, and has more vigor. But where I read that, I can't remember.

    2. That full barrel constantly refilling must be a feast for drought-weary eyes. Love the emerging foliage of the emerging Squill, and the red Aloe against the Senecio is just spectacular! Stroke of genius!

    3. Wish it was--it was pure accident!

  2. I matched my Aloe dorotheae up with Agave 'Blue Glow', which also makes a satisfying combination. I love that giant squill, the flower of which reminds me a little of foxtail lilies, which I sadly can't grow here. We had more rain here overnight - I think the soil is thoroughly saturated now.

    1. Don't you also have BG with Crassula pubescens, which reds up the same color as BG's edges? Or was that someone else? That is an excellent combo also.

      Yes, the Drimia flowers are somewhat like Eremus, except we can grow Drimia here.

      We got a little more rain also, totaling 0.8", which is great, awesome. I think you got a lot more. "Thoroughly saturated"! How long has it been since our So Cal soil was like that? Here I'm going with "nicely moist".

  3. Great photos! I love that coral aloe.

  4. Happy accidents like the Aloe and Senecio are a big part of what keeps me going.


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