Winter Project 2017 Progress

 The Leucadendron limifolium, despite being quite large, had a modest root system easy to remove.  Nice plant:  I liked it a lot, but for such a prime spot something flashier seemed appropriate. The soil is wonderful--fluffy, fluffy, fluffy. 

The Leucodendron had shoved Leucophylum 'Thunder Cloud' out of the way. I need to cut back the Leucophylum?  It's all flopped to the left.  
 You planning to straighten up and grow right? 
I'd planned on Leucospermum 'Tango for the spot...

   But Leucospermum 'High Gold' obviously has insufficient space.  It's already threatening Agave titanota, Protea 'Mini King', and Aloe suzannae. Perhaps it wants to shove the Leucophyllums upright again. 
 So that will need pondering.  
I'm heeere!  Outta my way!
In the meantime a few more plants to prune, weeds to pull, and rain water to distribute, because we're predicted to get a little rain more tonight. 
Tidy and ready for spring:


  1. Looking forward to seeing how it develops later on. I'm itching to do some gardeners no but alas it's too cold to do anything. Can't wait for warmer weather later on to get stuck in.

    1. Ha! Exactly how we feel here in summer--itching to garden, but it's too hot to do anything but wait for better weather.

  2. Fluffy, fluffy, soil that is something I can only dream off, I seriously envy you! Curious with which Leucospermum you will go at the end, but it seems that you can't go wrong with either one. I love that blue-gray agave!
    You did a super job on pruning the big rose, it looks like a sculpture. I still have three more big Old Garden Roses to prune, but then I am done with the ones planted into the ground. There are plenty more small ones in containers to tend to, though, but they only need some shaping. But after that comes the fertilizing. There is always something to do in the garden...
    Hope I get to the pruning today between rain showers!
    Warm regards,

    1. That rose got ignored last year because of the drought. I hope it performs better now that it has had a thorough cut-back and a lot of rain.

      Hope you get both showers and time in between for gardening! Ain't all this rain wonderful? :)

  3. I love seeing what other gardeners are up to--especially when plants are involved that I'm partial to.

    Regarding your Leucophyllum, I'd prune it hard so you get all new upright growth. BTW, how much sun does that spot get? I'm looking for proteas that would do OK with less than full sun.

    1. That spot gets sun from sunrise to sunset. Telopea are understory shrubs, so want some shade, but from what I have read, they can't survive a hot summer.

      Yes I think I'll have to cut back the Leucophyllums. They can take pruning, so should be okay, I hope.

  4. I am so behind, and now stuff is starting to break dormancy-and a brief dormancy it was this year. Still a dozen roses to go , including 3 climbers.

  5. The climbers take the longest, don't they? The canes to take off the support, decide which get removed, then everything rearranged, laterals shortened, and then everything tied back on, every clipping further clipped for the green waste bin so the maximum fits in there. Takes thought and patience besides lots of time. Most years I don't get to all of them.

    Saturday I almost finished roses--might get finished today (Sunday). You have had so much rain up there no wonder you are behind--so many days you could not get out there, and soggy soil besides.

    1. Oh: Santa Ana winds today. No gardening possible. Monday, maybe.

  6. Hey there HB !
    I can only dream of what it must be like to garden in such a temperate climate with FLUFFY soil to boot?LOL
    I love agave and the aloe is so interesting .. you are very lucky but I get the water shortage , so that is a price you have to pay for gardening in Eden ? ;- )
    I am taking your "take" on Azure Rush geranium on board .. might rethink that and chose something else.
    Yes I do have Tiny Monster and love it .. maybe I should have another one just to be safe!
    Did you ever get that email I sent you from my quirky IPad ? LOL
    Joy (in the thick of Canadian snow)

    1. Maybe 'Azure Rush' would do better for never know. The fluffy soil was quite by accident--the house we bought happened to have some of the best soil in California--pure dumb luck.

      Got your email and replied--thank you for the thoughtful response. Would that the typical American voter was as well informed as you!

      Snow--well, gives you time to plan for spring, right? There is snow 90 miles from here, which is close enough.

  7. You're making great use of our cool temperatures to get the tough jobs done! I'll have to look for Leucospermum 'High Gold' - my 'Brandi', while still alive, hasn't done much of anything.

    1. I have not forgotten how hot last summer was. Garden now, because August will be h-ll.

      They seem to put on a burst of growth right after blooming in March/April, so not to lose hope yet. 'Yellow Bird' sat for a while before it took off.

      Village in HB had a bunch of Leucospermums--it is where I got 'Tango'.


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