Huntington Rose Garden Early April 2017

Above:  'Carding Mill'
We began our Huntington visit with the West Entry Garden.  We passed the North Vista and Camellias, and turned left.  Now, let's walk past the Diana statue...
...wander through the Shakespeare Garden...

...and head for that lone Agathis Robusta.  It's in the Rose Garden.
 We'll 'Strike It Rich'!
The roses look fabulous.

Bulbs are slowly being added to the edges of the rose beds.  There's no need to rush additions.  This rose garden has been around for nearly 100 years--or has it been more than 100 years? 
'White Licorice'.  Oh what a fragrance!  Want!
Not yet at peak.  Many many flower buds are yet to open.
'Maurice Utrillo'
 'City of San Francisco'

 'Just Joey'

The masses of 'Iceberg's have masses of buds
 photo by Beloved
A panorama
photo by Beloved
'Paul Bocuse'

'Johann Strauss'

Hippeastrum 'La Paz'
'Brides Dream'

'Don Juan':

'High Society'

'Marmalade Skies'
'Permanent Wave'
'Phyllis Diller'.  Yes, 'Phyllis Diller'
'Living Easy' and its golden sport, 'Easy Going'

All hail the care, love and work of many volunteers, two(?) full time gardeners, Rose Garden Director Tom Carruth, and all the magic that rain provides. 


  1. Beautiful! I am so happy to see that a rose has been named after Phyllis Diller! I loved her. What is the blue flowering vine in the photo of the building with the red rose?

    1. Phyllis Diller was great, wasn't she?

      Clytostoma callistegioides is the vine. I'm pondering that plant myself for a pergola in the back garden.

    2. The sign on 'Phyllis Diller' used to be the most-often stolen from the Huntington Rose Garden! Quite a tribute to the comedienne, I think.

  2. I love how staggeringly beautiful 'Phyllis Diller' is. Guessing she may have been a rose enthusiast -- or it could have been named by a rose enthusiast plastic surgeon. [insert trademark cackle here]

    The 'Don Juan' on the trellis arbor is heart-stopping, particularly that voluptuous close-up. What a glorious time for Tom Carruth and his staff and vols.

    1. Best 'Don Juan' I've seen for a long long time. 'Phyllis Diller' was just perfect, and the dark foliage was just as good. Oh, it was a beautiful day!

    2. She was a rose enthusiast! I remember seeing her in an interview and she was showing her house and roses. I loved her house too.

  3. Yes, only two full-time gardeners (one's actually only part-time now while he recovers from a serious back injury). Still, the 50+ volunteers do a good job of keeping the place looking ship-shape under their supervision (if I do say so myself, as one of them...), and Tom's tireless tutelage and joie de vivre. Thank you for your stunning pictures (I do love me some 'Permanent Wave' and 'Maurice Utrillo') and kind words about the place.

    1. I hope the gardener makes a good recovery. Back injuries are not fun!

      Everything looked so beautiful Sunday morning, it made the rest of the day joyful. Anyone who grows roses knows how much work and dedication are involved.

  4. Gosh, I sooo... enjoyed your post! It looks like I can't make it to the Huntington this year, again time wise, so I am really happy to at least see it through your spectacular photos.
    As you said yourself, they do a wonderful job to keep the garden in pristine shape. It must be an incredible amount of work and time that flows into it.
    I remember vividly the Hippeastrum in the Huntington from my visit a few years ago, which inspired me to try to plant some myself this year. I will check after I hit the sent button for this comment how they are doing :-!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week with plenty of time to garden (and blog, being selfish here I know...)!

    1. Well, you have beautiful roses of your own to enjoy. That counts! I'm sure you'll see the Huntington again sometime . I hope your Hipps are doing well--my 'Apple Blossom' is just opening.

  5. You just reminded me how I once coveted 'Just Joey'...

    1. I miss mine. It was never a good specimen and removal showed it had crown gall. :(

    2. For those at all susceptible to rose-planting urges, that shot of 'Just Joey' has got to set them stirring...

  6. And I was impressed seeing the roses in the heights of "winter" and summer -= I was wrong. A peak visit is in order, and since I-10 is a mile away...

  7. The fragrance surrounding your morning walk must have been just wonderful! Thank you for sharing in the bounty - beautiful photos!


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