Beautiful California Garden #1

I was fortunate to meet up with two other garden bloggers, including Late To The Garden Party, to visit some beautiful California gardens on the Mary Lou Heard Garden Tour.  

This first garden, which belongs to A Growing Obsession, was not on the tour, but it was more than tour-worthy.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Warning:  eye candy!

 Got your eye-candy garden fix, didn't you?  You're welcome!


  1. that white wall planter with firesticks is delectable eye candy!!

  2. @Diane,

    It's even prettier in person!

  3. Yay I can comment!!! It's wonderful to see so many great photos of Denise's gorgeous garden. Her style is so strong that I felt a little awkward taking photos of her garden and putting them out there in the blogosphere. But now there are yours! Is this the first time you've visited?

  4. @Danger,

    Yes my first opportunity to visit. It was so beautiful! Didn't get to meet Ein, though.

  5. Wow what a beautiful garden Denise has. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day Hoover Boo.

  6. @Marijke, Yes it is a very beautiful garden. I felt very fortunate to be able to visit.

    I hope your weather is warming and that your roses are blooming.

  7. What a fine color sense on display here: hot or subtle all is handled equally well.

  8. Wow! Each picture better than the last. Having met the gardener, I can see how her personal exuberance and style extend to her garden! Eye candy indeed!

  9. Great photos of a great garden! And what fun to be able to get together with Denise and Kris for a garden tour!


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