InterCity C&S Show 2017: Plants, Crowds, Purchases

 Lithops in a beautiful pot. 

This year's Intercity Cactus & Succulent show offered wonderful plants for sale and wonderful plants on display.  The sale was crowded and hectic for a person not fond of crowds and hectic-ness.

At the edge of the tumult:

Obstacle course and temptations everywhere
Though the weather was incredibly pleasant for the San Gabriel Valley in mid-August, the shade cover was most appreciated.
Should have gotten a Gymnocalcium or two or three, but I kept purchases to a minimum.
Didn't buy a pot this time.
This shot was taken when the crowd thinned out.  Beloved bravely and patiently took all the photos in this post, except the last two. 
Is that Echeveria 'Ebony' back there? 

The buy-line was long but moved quickly.  All hail the clubs hosting this show and sale:  they are very well organized.  

Now on to some cool show plants...this one had a special pvc structure to be displayed
Crested Echinopsis.  Do you suppose it blooms?  
Crested Cleistocactus, I think:
A crested(?) Copiapoa tenuissima.  The brown and green ribbons signify plants of special merit that didn't make the trophy table.
A different crested Echinopsis with some normal offsets
Awesome caudiciform
Reminds me of Boris and Natasha:
As the tag says, Pygmaeocereus bieblei
Some Tephrocactus in the foreground.  Is that the Tephrocactus geometrizans that has been on the trophy table every year for years but wasn't this year?  I missed it being on this year's trophy table, and this one is in a different pot.  Same plant?  A first place this year. 
Copiapoa hypogaea, native to northern Chile.  This is a "solitary or clumping slowly" plant, so this may be a very old specimen.
Spiffy crested Alluaudia there on the left
Crested Euphorbia
 A variegated Aloe brevifolia:
Bulbs of arid regions include Boophone, but this beauty is a Crytanthus sanguineus, from southeast Africa.  Winter dormant.
 Now these are precocious plant lovers!  Oh, they mean the plants are less than five years old.  Never mind. 

 A desert orchid is a real thing, and I want one.  
Eulophia petersii:
 The plant, beautifully grown:
The Intercity is always a fun and educational event.   We had a wonderful time. 
Many thanks to Dear Husband for the excellent photos.  And what did I get?  
 Aloe 'David Verity', which puts on a thrilling show at the Huntington every winter.  This was the first time I've ever seen it for sale.  Also, Aloe castilloniae and Crassula 'Ruby Lotus'.
Aloe 'David Verity' at the Huntington January 2017:
 The nice lady at the cash register advised me to treat 'Ruby Lotus' with a systemic pesticide because it is every mealy bug's very favorite plant to kill.  And that it will take full sun and develop rich ruby coloration in Walnut Creek, which has far hotter summers than those in my garden.  Good to know. 


  1. So many cool plants! I like the crested Echinopsis with her three normal babies, like a mama sheltering her young-uns. Love that caudiciform one too, what a great shape.

    1. I agree, the original plant seems to be cradling her offsets. Beautiful.

  2. I've swooned over Aloe 'David Verity' at the. Huntington, congrats on the most excellent purchase!

    1. Thanks! Now I'm wondering how to give it sufficient space so I can get those masses of towering flowers.

  3. You exercised great restraint but got cool plants and good advice! Your post about this event last year or the year before sent me off to the interweb to find Tephrocactus geometrizans. Happy to say that there are a couple of babies in the greenhouse and I hope they'll someday look like the ones at the show!

  4. Great coverage. I laughed at the Boris and Natasha cactus - I guess you didn't have to bring one of those home when you already have the real deals at your feet.

  5. I know the crowds probably didn't thrill you but I'm impressed so many people came out for the show. Collecting C&S must be much more popular where they can be outside all winter!

    1. It wasn't so bad, I just thought it was. C&S are very popular here these days--our five year drought helped in that respect. Yes, they are extremely easy to grow here outdoors, and don't need a whole lot of maintenance--just what everyone seems to want these days.

  6. Awesome plants. I'd love to go some time, but like you, I'm not fond of crowds.

    I bought an Aloe 'David Verity' earlier this year at a UC Davis Arboretum plant sale. Maybe they're becoming more available...

    1. Someday I hope to see you there! We'll have to compare notes on 'David Verity', it will be a race to see which one blooms first.

  7. How old were the toddler exhibitors when they planted those seeds, is what I want to know.

    This post and these photos capture the show and sale so perfectly: beautiful exhibits, crowded sale area, focused shoppers... can't wait until next year. The nice folks from Planta Seca added a Crassula 'Garnet Lotus' to my box of plants as I stood in the checkout line, so I'm very glad for the information about its close relative. So glad to see you there!

    1. The junior exhibitors would have had to have been...fetuses?

      The nice lady at the cash register also said the 'Lotus's offset nicely. :)

      Likewise, fun to visit with you!


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