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Seeing The Light

Flower stem emerging from Aloe petricola; Leucospermum 'Tango' first flowers color up   No gardening today.  The wind is ripping branches, leaves, and flowers from shrubs and trees today.  At least it's a cold Santa Ana this time, not hot, and a strange one, because the sky is grey with clouds instead of the usual tannish with blowing dust.  A low pressure system from the south and a high pressure system from the north are meeting to squeeze Great Basin air, sending it roaring through our neighborhood.  The neighbor's dead Eucalyptus rocks stiffly, like Frankenstein's Monster walking; the live Eucs, with considerable grace, sway.  An occasional leaf blown hard, hits window glass with a plunk.  Birds are absent.   Indoors, I look at garden photos and consider light.   Late afternoon light: Midday light: Late afternoon: Midday: Advantage, late afternoon.   Overcast morning: Sunny morning: Advantage overcast.   Late afternoon, really too late, but with the sun behind

Intercity Show 2017 Trophy Table

Best Chilean Plant: Copiapoa cinerea

The Intercity Cactus & Succulent Show is held yearly at the Los Angeles Arboretum.  

All photos are by Beloved except where noted.  It wasn't possible to get a photo of every plant or their award, but Beloved did a great job getting what he could. 

Intercity Show Trophy Table 2017, the best of the best. 
 In the foreground is "Best Collection", a group of Ariocarpus, rare and endangered succulents from Southern Texas and Northern Mexico.
Best staging:  Stenocereus eruca  
 Best caudiciform:  Cyphostemma uter var. macropus
 Best Astrophytum:  'Super Kabuto'
I discovered looking back at photos from last year's show that the above Astrophytum was also at the 2016 show, though it was not on the trophy table.  It has grown and improved since then.
Best Pachypodium:  Pachypodium namaquanum
Euphorbia cylindrifolia v. tuberifera at the back of the table. Way cool.

 Best crested:  can you even guess what plant this is?  It's a common and easy to grow plant in Southern California. Leave your guess in the comments.
 Best Madagascar plant:  Operculicarya decaryi.  
I wasn't keen on how this plant was shaped.  Too...bonsai.
Here's the same species out in the Arboretum's Madagascar garden.  These are young plants. (photo by hb)
 And another (photo by hb):
But back to the Trophy Table...Dorstenia gypsophila:
Best Cereus:  Espostoa melanostele
Fouquieria purpusii x F. fasciculata
Haworthia limifolia variegated
Best Asclepiadaceae(?): Pseudolithos migiurtinus.  The four tubes there on the right-ish side are seed pods. 
Best Anacardiacaea:  Pachycormus discolor
 Best Aloe hybrid:  Aloe 'Inflamed'
 Best Aloe species:  Aloe erinacea
 More great plants from the 2017 Intercity show in the next post! 


  1. Unos ejemplares realmente maravillosos. Muchas gracias por moistrarlo. Un saludo desde Plantukis

    1. Gracias, Raúl. Estoy feliz de que disfrutó el blog!

    2. A big thanks to beloved for his photos. I felt like I was right there, without having to brave the crowds. It's easy to see why the Intercity Show is considered to be the best succulent show in the country.

    3. Crowd photos to come. Then you'll really appreciate not being there. ;^) Not as good as last year, I thought, but there were some awesome plants.

  2. Amazing! Some of those succulents look like extraterrestrial plants, real treasures! Aloe erinacea is simply incredible!

    1. Plants. They're wonderful. But we knew that. :)

  3. Lovely photos, many of them have a painterly quality.

    1. The trophy table had pretty good lighting, and a good black background.

  4. Wonderful photos! My thanks to your beloved. I'm hoping tomorrow's batch will include that bowl of spiky tennis balls; it's what catches my eye most in the shot of the head table.

    1. There's some Mammilaria shots to come, though not of that particular plant.

  5. I'm always impressed by how sophisticated and elegant this show seems...especially compared to here, where tacky mylar backgrounds are the norm. Most of these could star in any movie calling for alien life forms.

  6. This show is consistently the best by a landslide. Thanks for sharing your photos. I'll get there one year. I can't identify the best crested even though the plant looks vaguely familiar.

    1. Like the Bromeliad Show, it's educational to see so many different plants all together. Maybe next year? The Best Crested was Pedilanthus macrocarpus, the familiar "slipper plant".

  7. The Beloved's images of this show are marvelous. Your coverage of this event usually sends me to the interweb in search of at least one of the plants you feature. You've whet my appetite for our local cactus and succulent society's odd plant show and sale!

    1. He did good. :) Support your local oddities!


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