South Coast Bromeliad Show 2017

Guzmania sanguinea var. brevipedicellata.  You don't have to spray paint plants to get a color like this

All the photos in the post are by Beloved.  I think he did a great job.  
On Sunday we met A Growing Obsession and Late To The Garden Party at Rainforest Flora in Torrance for the 2017 South Coast Bromeliad Show.  The show sale was nearly wiped out;  everyone shopped on Saturday.  No problem--there was still plenty to see.  

That silly smile you get on your face in the presence of a whole lot of cool plants and cool plant people

Tillandsia durantii:
Show winner Neoregelia 'Bodacious':
Dyckias are terrestrial (grows in the ground) Bromeliads:
Tillandsia xerographica x Tillandsia capitata is an epiphytic (grows on trees and rocks) Bromeliad:
A whole lot of competition for pollinators means flowers must attract attention via dazzling color (I'm guessing).
This one grabs attention by sheer size:

  Neoregelia punctitissma, well deserved Best In Show:
We were early to avoid summer heat, and almost had the show to ourselves.  

I enjoyed seeing examples of several different genera.  I don't know much about Bromeliads.  Attending a show is a great way to learn.
A favorite, fuzzy Tillandsia tecorum f. gigantea:
Tillandsia durantii again.  Impressive!
The curling leaves have a slightly fuzzy texture.  The curling helps the plant cling to its support and new leaves curl upward to climb and find ideal sun exposure.
Orthophytum gurkenii.  The plant grows a stem of offsets, and the offsets develop small white flower on their sides. The dramatic color different is striking.
This was in the "artistic arrangements" class.  Elegant and very well done, no?  
Neoregelia (carolina x 'Hanibal Lecter') x N. punctitissima
After we enjoyed all the show plants we took a look in the Rainforest Flora sales building. 
A few gorgeous Encephalartos for sale.  Oh, my!
Not getting this one. 
We were thorough shoppers.  Everything got eyed, discussed, photographed, considered. 
Takes a while to get a Bromeliad clump to grow this large.
Not just Bromeliads--also palms, ferns, big-leafed tropicals:

I got a little clump of this.  The dainty lavender-blue flowers seemed to have a scent somewhat like an Echinopsis.
So what do plant people do after they go to a plant show and buy some plants?  They go plant shopping, of course.  A short drive from Rainforest Flora is a great independent garden center and florist called Deep Roots.
Sign is accurate
 A wonderful way to spend a Sunday.  Cool people, cool plants!


  1. That Encephalartos is a real beauty! I love cycads ❤

    1. Me too. I hope to find a spot for one or two eventually. They will be much smaller in size and price than that specimen, though!

  2. What a fun Sunday, and you're right...great photos by your Beloved.

  3. So much fun. Hated to miss lunch but had people coming over. I'm so glad Deep Roots had the Grevillea 'Moonlight' in gallons -- score! I wanted to put Rainforest's cat in my backpack and take it home, along with an encephalartos or two...

    1. That cat was so relaxed. It was like a tranquilizer just to watch (him? her?). I'm glad about the 'Moonlight', it will look great in Kris's bouquets and in Kay's garden.

  4. Even though the bromeliad sale was a bit of a bust, it was great to see all of you! Thanks for supplying the full name of Tillandsia durantii too - I was driving myself crazy trying to hunt that down last night. Re the artistic bromeliad arrangements, I was struck by the similarity some of those had to certain succulent displays I'd seen in April at the local Cactus & Succulent Society show and sale - I checked my photos from that show and confirmed that Jackie Robinson, a local TV weather forecaster, was involved in the creation of both displays. The South Bay plant world is a small world it appears.

    1. Dear Husband kindly took photos of all the labels along with the photo of the plant. Smart guy!

      I think I've seen that weather person. On KTLA? Are not all plant worlds pretty small? We are the Chosen! ;^)

  5. Lucky you! I love bromeliads, grow many, but still know so little about them.

    1. I thought for this family of plants I would learn before going hog-wild shopping for them, rather than after owning a whole bunch and wondering about them. Strange thing to do.

  6. Lovely! So many different kinds (and, yes, great photos) and then plant shopping after... Sounds like a great weekend!

    1. You'll have to join us some time in a central location--wouldn't that be fun?

  7. What a fun show. I am obsessed with bromeliads. I have a growing collection. In Houston I rarely if ever bring them in doors. You really got such fabulous visual experience.

    1. Houston you have a lot of that magical stuff...what is it called???...oh, yes: "rain". They must be pretty happy there. Here the air is too dry for some of them.

      It was excellent seeing a big variety of genera, all beautifully grown. Shows are a way to get a good education on plants--very underrated in that respect--many people nowadays just go for the sales...

  8. That Lehmanii is way over priced. Plant that size can be found for a fraction of that if you know where to look. Great to see Neoregelia 'Bodacious' win. I have that brom and it is one of my favorites. It's a new 2016 introduction from Skotak. Wish I was able to attend the show.

    1. Would really like to know where to look for good Encephalartos. SD county seems to be the place. Any suggestions appreciated.

      'Bodacious' was gorgeous. Appropriately named.


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