Pruning Bouquets

Last of 'The Prince', 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh',  'Belinda's Dream',  and 'Red Intuition' flowers for the next eight or nine weeks.  Because roses bloom almost continuously here in a mild dry winter,  pruning involves cutting off a lot of beautiful flowers that end up in various vases and jars. 

It has been the best January for roses I can remember.   This is due to cool nights and no rain.  The very best thing would be rain, but the second best thing would be lots of January roses.  
 In the home stretch of pruning, finally.  Just a few more to go.  Then some raking, then the mulch.  A lot more gardening than garden blogging this month.  January is when it is cool enough to work out there all day long. 
 Green waste bins full
 I need to move this 'Yves Piaget'.  The spot is perfect for small succulents where they can be examined closely, not so perfect for a rose.  Because this spot is a raised bed, it provides a clear view of the roses's bare lower canes.  Just exactly the part of a rose that is not attractive. 
A little excitement:  the 'Penny's Pink' Hellebore is showing buds.  Yay!  I didn't kill it over the summer!
 I thought this small succulent was a Crassula, but judging by the flower form, it must be a Kalanchoe, no? 
 Further development of  current obsession:  'Tango' flowers.  Unlike Leucospermum 'Yellow Bird',  the filaments uncurl and end straight up.  'Yellow Bird' filaments remain curled in on themselves.  The foliage is different as well--'Tango' has narrow leaves, while 'Yellow Bird' has rounded ones. 

 Still fairly besotted with Grevillea 'Kings Fire', too.
 The garden produces a few lavender seedlings every year, descendants of the original L. stoechas planted in 2000.  I throw the dried brown seed heads here and there to help make it happen.  This seedling sprouted last spring at the edge of the street.  By the time a seedling starts to age and look ratty there is another seedling or two to replace it, so I pull the old one.  It's been a lovely thing.
Now, back to pruning!


  1. Hopefully, after all you pruning and mulching is done, rain will arrive in February as forecasted (prophesied?). Once the tree trimmers are out of here tomorrow, I can move 'Golden Celebration' from pot to ground and I'll be done too.

    I love 'Tango'! My 'Goldie' looks as though she's heading toward bloom stage. The buds on 'Brandi' remain small but I'm hopeful that she'll also come through this year.

    1. Buds on 'Yellow Bird' still small, but they will develop rapidly soon. Best wishes for a 'Goldie' show come spring! 'Golden Celebration' is magnificent; give him plenty of space.

      NorCal is getting some rain--that is something to be happy about, at least. Hoping for rain, but will deal with what (or what doesn't) fall.

  2. I still have the climbers to deal with ---the monster Sombreiul , Eden, Sally Holmes. No rain this weekend so I may prevail . I always admire Belindas Dream when you post photos. No room here though -roses are going out, not in.

    1. I have a monster 'Sombreuil' of my own still to deal with. And 'Cl Iceberg', 'Forth of July' and the biggest monster of all 'Laguna'.

      'Belinda's Dream' is a heat lover--just sayin'...

  3. Oh, just spreading around some re-seeding Spanish lavender, as one does... ;>
    Between that and roses by the armful, it's hard to hold envy at bay. Hope your industry this month is rewarded with some long, gentle rain!

    1. Very fortunate, and I know it! At this point we'll take any kind of rain while hoping Montecito doesn't get hit again.

  4. I love lavender but can't seem to grow it here. I haven't found the right one for my conditions. Seeing these blooms makes me want to try again. Maybe I should just treat them as annuals. I love the color in your garden now. I am not familiar with all of your big spiky blooms but they are beautiful.

    1. There's one that seems good as annual-grown-from-seed, 'Hidcote', maybe? Did you try 'Phenomenal' which is supposedly for non-Mediterranean conditions--mine died.

      It's the lavender fragrance I really love--it's as delicious as some of the roses.


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