Gorgeous Winter Day Succulent Photos

 If it wasn't for the lack of rain this endless string of gorgeous days would be complete delight.  
Aloe marlothii produced an especially spectacular candelabra this year.  The warblers and orioles are rapidly stripping the flowers, but that's fine--good food for them. 
 Senecio rowleyanus.  The common name is String Of Pearls, but which blogger called it String Of Peas?  That seems far more appropriate.

 The Russellia, another draping plant, burst into bloom again after a brief winter rest.  All that warm weather woke it up.    
 'Joe Hoak' flowers are opening.  Heaven for bees.
 Many Agaves blooming or nearly finished.  I should plant some of the seeds from the 'Blue Glow' pods--the seeds I planted in the past produced Agaves that look near-identical to 'Blue Glow'. 
 A Sempervivum in bloom, seen at a local nursery.  This plant doesn't like our long hot summers.  It's an alpine, not a desert succulent.  Beautiful flowers:

 At the same nursery (the rest of the photos in this post are from there), Senna artemisiodes:
 Plumeria silhouette.  It's been such a warm winter many Plumeria have held their foliage.  This one is even blooming. 
 An  allée of Olive trees rescued from construction projects and replanted here.  Everything else in the nursery is planted in pots sunk into the ground.    
Olive rescue!

 A waterwall of black volcanic stone;  Acacia 'Cousin Itt' in a concrete pot. 
 Happy succulents. 
 Happily blooming on a gorgeous Winter day. 


  1. On a grey and very wet morning in England this is absolute heaven. If you could have all that and some of our rain it would indeed be paradise.

    1. We do have a surplus of sunlight here this winter. Happy to share it!

      On a happier note, not a snail or slug to be found here. Not a one.

  2. Nice nursery! Is that the new one you posted about a few months ago? (I've forgotten its name.) I wish we could get the sempervivums to bloom here. We're fogged in again here today - it's not rain but it's a step in the right direction. It's less than 60F too.

    1. Yes that's at the Irvine Great Park, The Nursery By Southwinds.

      At this point a step in the right direction is at least encouraging!

  3. It’s so nice to get all that colour and vibrancy so early in the year!

    1. It has been gorgeous here. Just too gorgeous.

  4. Yes, I would call it string of peas, and Cousin Itt looks perfect in that beautiful large pot! Succulents are lovely exotics to me. I have a few, but our winter is too cold and wet for them to survive outside, so they come indoors till spring. We have had so much rain this past week, over 2 inches in the last couple of days; I wish I could send some your way!

    1. Maybe whoever named it String Of Pearls didn't like peas. ;^)

      That's one delight of garden blogs, seeing all the plants we can't grow. Hostas--which are feeble annuals here--are fascinating exotics to me.

      Two inches of rain in two days! What riches! Enjoy it for us, please.

  5. Wonderful photos. I'm loving the weather but the lack of rain is never far from my mind.


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