Non-Garden Project Post #6

 Friday the 21st there was a drywall crew here.  It was a noisy day.  They worked on the doorway to the bathroom...

Drywalled the outside of the shower...
 Repaired the drywall damaged in the closet due to the removal of the old shelves...
 And put the smooth cover coat over the drywall repair on the ceiling downstairs.  Which I now get to paint, along with the walls.  The walls need it anyway;  it has been a few years since last I painted that room. 
The tile guys, who were also here on the 21st, (noisiest day yet) managed to work around the dry-wallers to lay more tiles. 
The solid surface material looks sort of like this. Beloved saw exactly the stuff he wanted at the faucet store, said, "That one!",  the bathroom designer said,  "Okay!" and we moved on to the next decision.  I can't remember the name.  It is more subtle than this image--the stone-like markings are not so clearly apparent and not so grey.  
All the workers were off on the 24th and 25th.  I handed out 'Fuerte' avocados from the tree as a holiday gesture.  

After the holiday, more drywall and tile work.  Finishing the surface of the new drywall:
  Tiling of the shower continues
And progresses.

 The vanity was re-installed so the counter fabricator can measure the actual space to get the counter dimensions correct.  The reinstallation involved rearranging segments of the vanity to create better function.  Originally the sinks were right up against the side walls.  Awkward!  We had to put towel bars up high to avoid towel/elbow interference when using the sink.  There was also wall/elbow interference, annoying when you are trying to brush your teeth.  In addition, the electric outlets were a few inches from each sink...remember the thing about water and electricity not playing well together?  It made the outlets as unusable as the ones we discovered behind the vanity.  This situation was one of the design flaws of the original bathroom that we intended to correct.
"Before" arrangement:
The contractor was able to rearrange sections of the vanity to put more room on the wall side of each sink.  Hopefully this will function better.  It couldn't be worse.  
Note where the drawers were vs. where they are now.  
Hardibacker went down on the sub-floor in preparation for tile.
And here we are.  The original estimated completion date was January 19th.  The lead carpenter said it won't be too far off from that date.  Only three more weeks! 

I am motivated to paint the ceiling during the contractor's two day absence for New Year's holiday because I wouldn't have to drop-cloth anything.  Paint drips on Hardibacker or plywood don't matter.  We'll find out if that motivation is sufficient.


  1. It's encouraging to know that there are actually projects that finish on time ! Looking forward to seeing the final product! Virtually every bathroom in this house needs a re-do, but currently I have more interest in the exterior hardscape projects that have to be funded. For the present I'm settlement for replacing the faucets and having the tile re-grouted.

    1. We'll see how close to "on time" we get. The accent tile hasn't arrived yet, and the bathroom door has to be custom made because they could not find a match to the existing ones in the house. The normal little bumps-in-the-road of remodeling.

      New faucets make a lot of difference. Paint is an inexpensive refresh too, if you DIY.

  2. Well, painting is a way to welcome in the new, I guess. Best wishes with that effort! I'm glad your project is on target

    1. It feels like if I do some painting, the remodel might be finished a little sooner. I got the first coat on the ceiling this afternoon. So much easier when one doesn't have to worry about where drips will fall.

    2. Painting ceilings is HARD work. I did it once. Never again.

    3. Ceilings are hard, yes indeed! Once is one time too many.

      Good thing the bathroom is a relatively small room. I got the second coat done this morning & now I will laze the rest of the day to make up for it. Shoulders are very tired.

  3. Good for you getting a coat on the ceiling. It is exciting to see progress. I can imagine how you feel being able to see that the end is near.


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