Tell The Truth Tuesday #3 (And Merry Christmas!)

 As compost bins go, not the absolute worst, and they are well hidden in a corner of the garden behind an avocado tree, but could they be a little better looking?  Tell The Truth Tuesday is a Bonney Lassie meme.

Here everything dries out fast, and stays dry for six to ten months at a time.  In vented bins the material  mummifies rather than composts.  Enclosed compost breaks down more successfully than it does in typical vented wooden bins.  That's the why of using plastic trash barrels.  

Once upon a time we used our own barrels for green waste.  A few years ago the local waste collection company switched to company-provided bins that can be picked up and emptied by mechanical arms on their trucks.  One guy per truck: a driver/operator, instead of two guys, a driver and a dump-the-barrels guy.  Automation.  The future of a fully automated truck with no guys looks to be on the way.   

Rather than throwing out the idled barrels, I cut the bottoms out of them and use them for composting. Good idea.  But what do we do for the idled waste collection guys? 

A few years ago I read an article, or perhaps it was on TV, about making rain barrels more attractive via the idea of spray painting silhouettes of real leaves onto them.  I've always wanted to try it.  Why not try with the compost barrels?  A few cans of spray paint with a bit of paint left in each were sitting in the garage, so in honor of Tell The Truth Tuesday, I made an attempt.

Hmmm....huuhh...errmm...oh, dear!   I don't think it's worse, but is it any better?  A lot of my attempts at improvement are like that--not much improvement at all. 

 Is the problem the ivory paint?  Perhaps a dark green would work better than the ivory.   Using up old paint, though, is always a good thing.  

The leaves ended up covered with paint, and looked sort of cool.  I used old, yellowing leaves. 

  Anyway, it was an honorable attempt at garden improvement.

 And Merry Christmas!  Did you get any good garden stuff, a great new garden book, a cool plant, or the best present of all, happy time with loved ones?  

May Christmas Love set your day aglow, like Aloe thraskii flowers in the sun,
May your day be as joyful as a red rose,
 May your loved ones encircle you like rose petals,
 ...and if you got a super-cool collapsible garden clippings barrel to clean up with, all the better!
Merry Christmas!


  1. I love your spray painted garbage/compost barrel! Once my compost tumbler disintegrates further or the demolition dumpster arrives, whichever comes first, I've got to figure out an alternative as I'm not about to give all my green waste to the garbage pickup service. As to the collapsible barrel, I have - or had - or still may have one of those stowed somewhere in my husband's garage of lost things. I must mount a search as it would be useful.

    Merry Christmas, HB!

    1. Merry Christmas, Kris. "husband's garage of lost things"--something like the "island of misfit toys"? (It is Christmas...)

  2. I very much like the paint job on the compost bin. I have a couple of similar, now unused trash barrels that I need to do something with. I took a break today on TtTT, I figured people would be too distracted with the holiday cooking and eating. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Was distracted with eating, but didn't do any cooking! Yes it was a lovely day.

      Holidays very distracting, yes. I just happened to have time.

  3. The way you painted your compost barrel looks great, according to me these barrels should not stand out but they look right in these camouflage colours. I love the shape of leaves you used.
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Hello Janneke, I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

      I used Fatsia japonica and 'Xanadu' Philodendron leaves.

  4. I absolutely love the idea of family gathered around like rose petals. I will remember this. I hope your family garden was/is gathered like rose petals too. Merry Christmas.
    I don't mind your spray paint job. Looks no worse than the dreaded plastic bins that everyone has.


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