More Huntington Eye Candy, Okay?

Hesperaloe parviflora
I've been cutting back roses, not the most visually exciting garden project.  Bought and planted (in the ground!) between 'Molineux' and 'Julia Child' roses a 4" Trachelium caeruleum
'Hamer Pandora',
which will show up in blog photos eventually.

A particularly fine Agave potatorum
Mostly, time has been occupied by the last bathroom remodeling decisions to finalize regarding cabinet pulls, minor finish details, paint color, and suchlike.  There's also been the putting away of the modest amount of Christmas decorations and the chopping up the tree for mulch.  Not much to blog about. about a little more Huntington eye candy? 
'David Verity': 
I bought a 'David Verity' Aloe last year and nearly killed it.  It wanted more water than it was getting (none).  Intent on saving it (see those flowers above) I planted it in the ground in an irrigated location, and it has recovered, though it will be a few years before it flowers. 
Aloe rubroviolacea
 Didn't note the name of this one
 Fine little (3'/1 m) crested Euphorbia
 The interesting trunk of Aluaudia procera shows how the leaves are arranged, in pairs with a spine in between, spiraling around the stem
 Aloe microstigma
 Aloe 'Roikappie', reliable color for edging.  I use it in the same way at home. 
 How big do you think that Agave is?
 Bigger than you think.
 The winter light brought out violet highlights.  Oooh!
 Aloe petrophila is a plain, small green plant...
 ...but the cream-striped, green-tipped flowers are particularly lovely.
 A Crassula ovata selection displayed why it is named  'Pink Powderpuff':

 Aloe wickensii, maybe. 
 It was chilly enough that morning to make the hummingbirds unwilling to move.  This one perched for quite a while, trying to warm up and get ready for a day of hummerbattles. 
 Now back to gauntlet gloves, felcos, and pruning.


  1. Their big Aloes always look so nice. My big one has dried up brown tips on so many leaves, do you think it needs more water than I think it needs? I knew how big that Agave was, having seen the ones at Ruth Bancroft during the Fling.

    1. If the potting mix is free-draining, yes, try a little more water.

  2. Beautiful photos, I enjoyed your series from the Huntington this winter. Nice to see the updates.
    Cutting back here will wait for about 6 weeks.

  3. The Huntington has Hesperaloe in bloom now?! Gorgeous photos as always. Best wishes with the rose pruning. I haven't started mine but, as I've very few roses, it won't take long. Do you strip all the leaves from yours when you prune?

    1. Just a few Hesperaloe flowers. It's early for them. I do pull off all the leaves because they end up with Rust. Less Rust spores to spread if pulled.

  4. At "hummerbattles" I thought, "Oh, surely not; more a day of leisurely feeding at gorgeous aloes." Then I took a closer look at the little guy's expression. Whatever it is, he is Not. Having. It.

    So much subtle beauty in those aloes -- dark stems, touches of glaucous frosting, violet or green highlights, color echoes between flowers and spines or flowers and foliage... Yum! And that's aside from the enormous variety in bloom color, size, and height. Eye candy that never wearies or palls; thank you.

    1. They don't know when to stop, those hummers. There's more nectar than they can handle yet they have to fight over them. At least they have instinct as an excuse.

      Happy you liked the pics, thanks!

  5. How on earth does an agave get as huge (and presumably as old) as that big stripey one without life leaving even a tiny mark? It's absolutely spotless.

    1. Yep, it was so gorgeous. They take prodigious care of them.

  6. Gorgeous! I'm already counting down to the next visit to the Huntington - my pictures aren't anywhere near as nice, but gah it's gorgeous right now (and always, but the aloes in winter are just extra special!)

    1. Rain. Is. Magic!

      As was the light that morning. Made everything look good.

  7. Huntington is full of beauty now. Nice to see on cold gloomy days here. It sounds like you have been plenty busy. This is good. Cheers.


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