Non-Garden Project Post #9

Last week's "mad dash to the finish line" was unfortunately more of a mosey.   Most of the mad dash happened on Friday afternoon, when the closet cabinets and the bathroom's re-stained cabinet doors and drawers and the bathroom door and the beautiful accent tile for the shower were all delivered almost simultaneously.

The week's accomplishments were limited because some work had to stop so other work could be done.  The tile guys could not work while the plumber was re-installing the bathtub.  The plumber could not install some of the fixtures because the tile guys have to grout first.  The cabinets have to go in before the tile guys can finish the closet floor, and so forth.  
 A lot of cabinets are going into the closet.  Originally there were a couple of particle board shelves and a trio of rods to hold hangers.  We decided to put in cabinets.  A lot of them.  I thought maybe it would be too much,'s a closet.  It exists to store stuff.  Some of the new storage:
My freshly painted bathroom ceiling took some damage during the deliveries.  The camera could not handle the ceiling lighting at that moment, the weird color is not the actual color:
 Ditto here.  Rest assured, the walls and ceiling are not speckled blue, purple, white, pink and yellow. 
This past week the tile guys laid almost all of the bathroom floor and about 1/3 of the closet floor.  
 Wainscoting around the tub is done.
 The Shower That's Taking Forever is still taking forever.  Window is framed, glass and shower door ordered, but...
...the entrance archway is...still in progress.
 The fancy accent tile finally arrived.  Hooray!  Here's a piece of it and where it will go:
 I think the direction is horizontal, actually, but you get the idea.  Foliage!
 This past week, the plumber put the bathtub back in.  Not seen is insulation put around and below the tub.  (You can see some of it in the unfinished part of the tub surround.)  Formerly, when the whirlpool jets would run, in the room below this bathroom, it sounded like a 737 jet was taking off directly above.  I am hoping the insulation will reduce that racket to that of, say, a Cessna 172.  

Another thing the tile guys need to finish is the tub surround.  And The Shower That Is Taking Forever.  And then it will be time to grout all the tile all at once, because otherwise you can end up with different colored grout here and there, and that would be bad.
Sink fixtures were installed and then instantly covered up to protect them during construction.  I did catch a brief glimpse of them.  
Meanwhile, this weekend I painted the trim around the bathroom windows, and the toilet-room door frame and door.  It is much easier to paint a door laying horizontally than it is to paint a vertical one.  The carpenter set it up sawhorses so I could do that. 
 When will it all be done?  I feel like the dust seal on the bathroom.  We're both getting pretty worn out and ragged. 
 A chance of showers predicted for Thursday.  Normally I would be ecstatic, but all that comes to mind is:  the tile guys won't be able to work!  Arrrgghhh!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My immediate thought as you started your tale was "oh no, they're not going to be done before the next rain starts." I guess its a good thing our project isn't likely to start until April at earliest - even if the "weak El Nino" NOAA is still predicting appears, rain shouldn't be a headache (although if the project takes 6 months, I suppose we might not be entirely out of the woods in that regard). With all the scheduling software available, I'd like to think contractors could manage contingencies like who has to finish what before the next person can do his/her thing but that seems to be an unrealistic delusion on my part.

    1. The several days of rain put the tile guys behind even though contingency was worked into the planning. That affected everything else. The shower too being complicated. The typical shower nowadays is one or two walls tiled and two or three glass walls. This one had 4 tiled walls that needed to be rebuilt, reflattened, replumbed, releveled, etc., plus two tiled arches, one of them double-sided. I guess the moral of the story is watch for complicated stuff?

      Six months for your project! Yikes!

  2. Taking forever, will be perfect once it is finally done.

    1. "Perfect" would be nice, just hoping for "done"! Patience, patience, I keep repeating.

  3. I wouldn't blame you for being frustrated with it all. Any time you home is disrupted for anything it is wearing on your nerves. It is going to be so pretty, useful and you will soon forget the pain of it all. Does that sound familiar? tee hee.

    1. Yes, familiar! :^) They've made a lot of progress so far this week. Calmed me down.

  4. I hope they've been able to get a lot done this week! And that the rain and your garden have been able to distract you from the dust. Also, I'm smirking about Cessna 172's ... Probably my second least favorite airplane ever!

    1. They have! They may be mostly finished by this coming Friday.

      How about a Cessna 152? Makes a 172 look better.


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