Non-Garden Project Complete (Mostly)

A bathroom with a door!  

We got three inches of rain on Thursday, and rain showers since, so it's a good time to complete the remodel saga.

Off-white and dark coffee brown.  What made us think of a color combination like that? 
But what about the blue element on the walls?  Where did blue/off white/dark coffee enter my subconscious mind?
Huh.  How 'bout that?  
The ceiling and walls are all the same blue-white color.  Light makes some of the walls look white-white in the photos.  These are the original cabinets, refinished.  They look brand new.    

The far faucet there, brand new, is broken, but the plumber installed it anyway without saying anything.  The frame on the mirror is not quite right.  And painting isn't done in the closet and in the bedroom.  So it's, only mostly finished, but finished enough to finish blogging about it. 

The shower that took forever
A panorama shot distorts the entry somewhat.
At long last, a shower drain cover
The "after" closet, more luxurious than the "before".

Paint sample--go with a deeper blue?
When that painter finishes, she can get back to gardening.
A last thought:  I was re-reading Sense and Sensibility, and this dialogue in Chapter 17 made me laugh: 

""I should be puzzled to spend so large a fortune myself," said Mrs. Dashwood, "if my children were all to be rich without my help."

"You must begin your improvements on this house," observed Elinor, "and your difficulties will soon vanish.""

Where home improvement is concerned,  Jane Austen, yes, nailed it.  


  1. Very nice. Feels good to finish a reno and get everything usable and tidy again.

  2. Well done. It's worth all the angst when it is (almost) finished and it looks fabulous. So much light and so much space!
    And you beat me to it. We have one more visit from the electrician (I hope) and our equivalent of a broken faucet.. a basin drain pipe that didn't fit. Maybe this week?
    Enjoy the new (rain?) shower. And the gardening!

  3. It looks fabulous, HB! I LOVE the accent tile in the shower and that closet is pretty wonderful too.
    I'm sure you're happy to have the job (mostly) done. I'm already stressed over our job and demo is still months away.

  4. So tantalising to be nearly nearly done, and the niggles to sort out.
    I confess we reached a point of - enough - go - we will take it like that.
    But the faucet will need replacing?

  5. After all of this, it is difficult to believe they installed a broken faucet. I would want to have a shouting fit. You seemed to be so patient through the whole process. Good for you because it sure was worth it. I like your considerations for paint color. Sweet. Love all the room for storage you have. The accent wall and the surrounding tiles that accentuate it is lovely. I also admire those arched doorways. I think they are inviting. I hope the painter lady gets finished before the rains stop so she can rest up for the next big push in the garden.

  6. Am I the only one who saw all of this loveliness but then thought "wonder how long those baseboards will last"? ;)

    1. No you are not. Which is the reason the baseboard gnawers are not allowed upstairs.

  7. Lovely, and your color inspiration is cute too! Now, is there room for plants in this remodel? Best of luck with painting and the final fixing details!

    1. Thanks. Plants, thinking a shelf near the bathtub with Tillandsias and Pothos. Quite a lot of light there.


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