Blooms Of June 2019

Lampranthus (Oscularia) deltoides, dainty
'Laguna' Rose, hefty.
A mild spring created a beautiful June.  Roses and Daylilys are the stars this month, though most everything is flowering lavishly. 

'Belindas Dream' mingling with Geranium 'Rozanne'

Daylily 'Sabine Bauer' against a backdrop of Cuphea 'Vermillions'
 Sprekelia formosissima has been blooming for weeks. 
 Even the Hellebores haven't quit yet. 
 Small bedding Dahlia 'City Lights Purple'.  Initially red, purple color appears around the edge of the flower as it ages. 
Fuchsia with Nasturtiums and Salvia 'Blue Hill' in the background
Clematis 'Wisley'
Daylily 'Strawberry Candy' with 'Pandoras Box' in the background
 Rose 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' with 'Wisley' and Salvia 'East Friesland'
 Rose 'Munstead Wood'
 Hydrangeas 'Shooting Stars' and 'Miss Minipenny' with Orlaya grandiflora, Begonia 'Irene Nuss', Lomandra 'Plantinum Beauty', Aechmea, and so forth.  
Orlaya grandiflora
Rose 'Tropical Lightning' with a background of coordinating flower color Lotus 'Amazon Sunset'
Trachelospemum jasminoides has long struggled in the garden.  This winter's plentiful rain did it good.  The female and fledgling hummingbirds have been at the flowers.  I'm happy they have this as a food source.  The Grevilleas, so jealously and aggressively guarded by the adult male hummingbirds, are off limits to the smaller or less belligerent.  I've witnessed a male hummer pounce on a fledgling, pin it to the ground, and viciously stab the youngster repeatedly with its beak.  (I interrupted that particular attack, and the youngster got away, though I wonder if it survived.)
Rose 'Peter Mayle'
Austin rose 'Golden Celebration'.  

Leucospermum 'Flame Giant' blooms about two months later than 'Yellow Bird'.  It extends the Leucospermum season nicely.

Roses, Daylilys, 'Rozanne', Leucanthemum.
 The two sweet pea plants that survived a bird pulling all but them out of the ground as seedlings have finally flowered, just as it is time to pull the plants out.  They can't take our summer heat. (Neither can I.)
 Leonotus leonurus.  This South African native is a favorite of the hummingbirds.  I hope I get a seedling or two, because the hummers really love the flowers.  As much as they love Grevilleas.  Yes, that much.  This past winter, I removed the oldest stems right down to the ground.  This refreshed the plant. 
  Summer is imminent;  sulking, watering, and whining about hot weather is about to begin.  You have been warned.  
The Dog Days approacheth


  1. Just fabulous. Rose 'Munstead Wood' has gone straight on my list. Glorious.

    1. It's a very beautiful rose. Good distraction from the shifted purlin!

  2. Your garden is fabulously floriferous! One day I'm going to ask you for a tutorial on growing roses as mine are absolutely pitiful by comparison. I gave up and pulled the last of my sweet peas out yesterday afternoon and then went amok and yanked the large mass of Orlaya in one of my raised planters. Since the (blessedly brief) heatwave last week, the sweet peas were looking sad and the Orlaya blooms were forming seed faster than I could deadhead. The return of the marine layer this week, while probably temporary, has been wonderful.

    1. I too am enjoying every cool day, while they last. In about 3 weeks everything will be bleached and drooping from summer heat, but not today.

      I pulled a few Orlaya myself this morning--they were shading out Abutilon 'Victor Reiter'. Some are just getting going.

  3. You're killing me with all those daylilies. The early unfolding here is being seriously slimmed down by deer, but I'm gradually caging midseason favorites, so expect a nice show in a few weeks.
    What a sumptuous rose 'Golden Celebration' is! Is that an Austin?

    1. Yes, and I think maybe Austin's best. I think it was one of his favorites, too.

      I enjoy day lily time. Every day is a renewal.

    2. Of course with deer, day lily time means every day is a removal. :(

  4. Everything is looking just fabulous and obviously benefitting from your mild spring. And the rose Tropical Lightning appeals to me enormously. I hope the torrid heat stays away.

    1. Beautiful color range on 'Tropical Lighning', but so far not vigorous. Overcast all day today, never cleared. Heaven!

  5. Amazing that you still have Hellebores blooming. My daylilies are just beginning to bloom. You have a lovely collection of them. All looks so good. Love those roses. You must have the best soil. Your fur bearing buddies are taking the right approach to the heat.

    1. I'm surprised at the Hellebore as well. It's really happy to get out of the pot, I guess.

      Soil here is excellent--nothing I did, just happened to buy a house with excellent soil.

      The furry ones have the right attitude. :)

  6. Oh how I wish I could grow the roses you do. They are absolutely stunning and I bet the fragrance is heavenly too. Your garden looks stunning. Teaches mindfulness as you just enjoy.

    1. Thrilled with the roses--love them! Come summer they will look awful, so I am treasuring them now.

  7. I don't know why I would still be amazed by the flower power of your garden, but I am. This post is a wonderful antidote to the 100°F weather we're having.

    1. 100°F !?!?! Already? Yikes! You are scaring me.


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