Mediterranean Garden Revisit

 I've had the privilege of visting this historic property several times over the years.  (I've blogged it a couple of times, but at the moment can't find the posts--there are over 2,000 posts on this blog--a lot to search through!) 

Though changes have been made, this latest visit revealed a garden as beautiful as ever.  Old Eucalyptus have been removed.  More clipped shrubs and less flowers have made the style more classic Mediterranean.  Some simplification for the sake of maintenance and water conservation.
The rainy winter made every plant look wonderful. 

 This pine may be original to the home built in the 1920's.  It is well cared for but is showing its age and the effects of the 2011-16 drought. 

 Two allees of arches and the parterre once held many rose bushes.  For maintenance and water savings the roses are gone, though there are still some beautiful roses adjacent to the home, where they can be more closely admired.  
Roses on the arches were replaced by Cypress quite a few years ago.
 The box hedges now frame multiple Cercis 'Forest Pansy' trees. 

 The aged state of this stature adds to the ambience.

Even better than the formal area is the shade garden filled with ferns and hydrangeas.  Marvelous paths to wander.

 Elegant, tasteful, lovingly cared for, gorgeous...


  1. Formality isn’t usually my cup of tea, but this garden has just enough *fluff* to make it charming.

    1. There's an Agave, too. :)

      I love some formality, but don't have the discipline for it in my own garden.

  2. It does seem like an elegant place. I love those clipped hedges with the cut outs for benches and statues.

    1. All the benches invite a visitor to sit and enjoy, though the owner is a very hands-on gardener and is always doing rather than sitting.

  3. I love all of this except the cypress on the arches, which to me is not only boring but ungainly. There must be several native or well-adapted non-native vines that wouldn't need any more water than the cypress, and probably would require less labor over the course of the season. Almost anything would be more interesting and attractive, as well as offering a bit of seasonal dynamism.

  4. Lovely and so tidy, although more formal than I'd like. I was surprised by the inclusion of Forest Pansy trees and the Hydrangeas.

  5. A lovely peaceful garden to wander through. The bougainvillea on the house is gorgeous.


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