Thumbnail Sized

 Leucophytum (formerly Calocephalus) brownii 'Silver Stone' has tiny flower heads, smaller than a thumbnail, smaller than a little finger nail, too.  

I've been gardening and painting more than blogging.  Lots to do yet.
Still one more of those yellow rooms to do.  Out in the garden, mostly deadheading spring flowers and having fun looking around.

The Leucophytum and Geranium 'Rozanne' make a nice pair.
 I'm considering emptying the planting bed behind the old fountain near the koi pond, and cramming it full of 'Iceberg' roses, Leucophytum, Senecio ragusina, and Geranium 'Rozanne':  white, silver, silver, and lavender-blue.  Maybe this winter.  

Senecio ragusina, planted last year, bloomed this year.  Though the flowers are at the usual level of Senecio flower beauty (low), at least they are a pure, clear yellow.  Initially, anyway.  
Lavender 'Provence' has small slim flower heads that catch early morning light.  The flowers are much daintier than L. stoechas which flowers repeatedly year-round.  'Provence' flowers in late spring only.  
 Thumbnail sized also are the flowers of the Oncidium flexuosum that lives in the Acer palmatum. 
At one time, Lampranthus (aka Oscularia) deltoides was out on the front slope  dying a slow death from heat and insufficient water.   I saved a few almost-dead stems and stuck them here by the gate.  It took several years, but they grew into a big squishy pillow of succulence.  Finally, this year, flowers for the very first time.
Each flower is also thumbnail sized
In a large(ish) garden, tiny is easy to overlook, but these have made themselves noticed and admired. 


  1. That Lampranthus - what an amazing recovery! It deserves every bit of attention it gets, I think. Good for you to tackle indoor jobs when the temperatures rise - it looks great. It's 97F up here today, and I'm staying inside as much as I can. Should really try to get things done inside, but these kinds of temperatures knock me out. Ugh...

    1. 97F. Ugh. I hope it cools down for you soon. It's a long time until September 23rd. Same here--hot weather and me do not agree.

  2. Painting again?! I love Oscularia - mine is just kicking off its bloom cycle too. I'll have to look into the Leucophytum.

    1. Yep, painting again. 4 rooms to go...

      Rogers sells 'Silver Stone' (dwarf) Leucophytum six-packs. "Dwarf" meaning about 2x2. The regular one got 4x4, a little too big. Touchy plant when small, and not long-lived, needs good drainage and regular water to get going, then moderate to light water after that.

  3. Leucophytum brownii is one of those great sort of “filler” plants that I love. Wish it were hardy in my garden...

    1. I'm happy I get to grow it. It's rather outlandish, but so cool.

  4. I think painting can be meditative.
    All of your smalls are pretty. I like your combinations too. The last one looks very dramatic draped over the wall.

    1. Rolling the walls is indeed very meditative. I like rolling the walls. Rolling the ceiling, however, is agony.

      Vacuuming to me is very meditative, and so is mowing the lawn, but we got rid of our lawn long ago. Still have to vacuum the house, though!


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