Huntington Moment In Time

Our recent visit to the Huntington was early enough in the morning to catch an irrigation system at work in the Desert Garden.  Impact sprayers on 5' tall pipes with tripod supports, the water supplied by hoses strung between them, were placed where necessary in the pathway, and we manuvered around a gauntlet of hard spray.  
A few hours later, the cactus flower may have been open, but human yak-yak and 90F heat would have oppressed.  As it was, the chuhh-chuhh-chuhh of the sprinklers and the splattering of water mixed with mockingbirds songs.  Peace!


  1. Love the photo of the irrigation action! If I lived close enough I'd make all my visits as early as possible too.

    1. Wish I lived closer too, but inland is hotter!

  2. Replies
    1. That's for sure! The water-so-it-doesn't-die season.


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