Wednesday Vignette November 6, 2019

 A view of the coast is reflected in the windows of this Carmel oceanfront home, but the plant nutter's attention focuses on the front garden: are those Chondropetalums going to grow too big, and block the walkway, and then get pruned into cubes?  Is that Monterey Cypress by the front door too large a tree to be placed a few feet from a building?  Thinking on that, instead of how cool it is to see the view from their windows reflected in their windows.   

Computer problem --waiting for a part to fix.  Cobbled a temporary, kluge-y solution.  More WVs at Flutter And Hum


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're still having a computer problem. I have a "dwarf" Chondropetalum that doesn't meet my perception of that descriptor in the least. There ought to be a clear standard for what can be called "dwarf" - smaller than humongous doesn't fit in my view.

    1. The part is on order. Soon it will be fixed. Better off gardening anyway.

      Yes indeed. Have had some "that's the dwarf version?!!?" moments myself.

  2. Haha - I think all gardeners, armed with the mistakes we all do as we learn, think like you. Sometimes I say something, but mostly I don't. The learning curve is both the fun and the frustration, but we all have to go through it. Unless of course it was planted by a landscape company, which should know better. I'm wondering if the Cypress maybe wasn't there first, and was saved..?


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