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They make videos of rain.  And watch the video over and over, marveling.  

We got 2.6" of rain Wednesday to Saturday.   To put 2.6" into perspective, it's 18.5% of our average yearly rainfall.  It's a big deal. 

Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, were an opportunity to do some more garden clean up.  I set about the big 'Laguna' climbing rose.  It was chilly (for Southern California), somewhat windy, and showery at times.  The neighborhood was wonderfully quiet with many people gone for the holiday. 
More green waste bin filling
 'Laguna' is now about 80% finished.  One green bin full, one about 75% full.  It's been several years since this rose had a significant pruning.  I usually don't get to the climbers, so this year I decided to do them first, and earlier than usual.
After a lot of pruning with a little more to go:      
 A few moments taken to note Aloe flower progress.  They've been slowed by the cool, rainy weather.  The oldest Aloe ferox looks good. 
 Happy to see the first flower ever emerging on the second white flowered Aloe ferox.  The first white Aloe ferox has bloomed twice. 
 Soon we'll find out if it indeed has white flowers.  Because these were seedlings, no guarantees. 
 Finally finally finally some good news about the sprawling, monster big Leucospermum seedling.  I was thinking to remove it, because it's taking over the veggie/cutting garden. 
 I've been waiting for years for flowers from this plant grown from a seed planted in...when?  2016.  I thought it was older than that.  
November 25, 2016:
Should see the flowers in late March or so.   
 There's lots of rain water to distribute to the driest parts of the garden before the next rain arrives, currently predicted for Tuesday night into Wednesday.  
 Flowers are not plentiful in the garden lately,  some roses...
'Twilight Zone'
 Garvinea Gerberas.  This was the little sprout that split off from the original plant, grown and flowering. Perky and cheerful on a cloudy day. 
Clouds have created some beautiful sunrises, too.  

More fun than shopping.


  1. Wow, this is much more fun than shopping. I have been known to stand before the patio doors to watch the rain. I can understand the draw especially with your dry weather. Those aloes are pretty. I also like that curly cactus beside the white ferox. I hope you have good gloves on when pruning that rose. I have never had a rose get that big. WOW.

    1. I love rain!

      Yes, I have thick leather gloves that go up to the elbow. With that rose they are necessary as it is not only huge, it's also very prickly. Pretty flowers, though!

      Roses can get big here because long growing season and no die-back from freezes. Just grow-grow-grow.

  2. I bet you could hear the ground sighing with relief with all that rain. Love the contrast in the fifth picture between the curly pad cactus and the Aloe. Their shapes are so different. What is the cacti?

    1. The plants were singing, happy to get all the dust and smog washed off.

      The curly pad cactus is Opuntia microdasys 'Funny Bunny'--the pads are somewhat cristate, giving them waves and curves.

  3. Those are incredible sunrise shots! You got about an inch more rain than we did out of that second storm - I'm envious. I'd have been thoroughly intimidated by that 'Laguna' rose - you did an impressive job taming it. I think my store-bought Leucospermum took well over 3 years to bloom so I think you're doing great with that seedling. Any guess as to the bloom color?

    1. We got two torrential cloudbursts sessions overnight Thurs morn, about 1-1:15 am and again about 4am. It poured about 30 minutes total, which gave here that extra inch. The sweetest roar of water woke me up, twice!

      Seedling of 'Yellow Bird', which is a hybrid, so a seedling of a hybrid--you never know for sure. I'm just thrilled the sprawling monster is finally going to flower.

      Rose trimming is a matter of hands-on practice, nothing more.

  4. I got almost 3" at my house -more fell in the surrounding hills. We will have rain on and off for the rest of the week. What a relief. As for the quiet neighborhood, one of my favorite days to garden is Sunday during football season. Though the weather is beautiful outside for the most part, people seem to prefer siting in front the the TV all day. I benefit from the blissful solitude.

    1. Rain, what a relief--amen! Good for you a deep soak of rain! Ditto, my very favorite is Superbowl Sunday, there's not a sound in the neighborhood, no cars, no airplanes, nothing but the sweet song of birds. Well, okay, the hummingbird arguments are harsh, but charming nonetheless.

  5. Congratulations on the rain!
    We have had blue skies and no rain this last few days. I can express a similar degree of relief to your own.
    Shopping is very exciting indeed when you come across a Black Friday 75% off plant sale.. and I did!

    1. Thanks! The end-of-December water bill is going to be considerably smaller.

      Hope those blue skies are enjoyable. You have Black Friday?!? Thought that was just a US thing. 75% off plants--that must be as lovely as a sunny day in December.

  6. That's an amazing sunset. So glad you got a nice soaking from the rain.

    1. It's a big deal here to get some generous rain early in the season. So happy, thanks!

      We don't get the best sunrises/sets here because it's so often sunny. Clouds make for more interesting sunrises/sets.

  7. I look forward, in March maybe, to that enchanting sound of rain flowing into our tanks.
    How wonderful to have generous rain!


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