How Many More?

So close, and yet...
Not done chopping yet

Quit playing in the dirt and pet me.
Winter cleanup seems to have taken forever this year, though I'm way ahead of where I normally am at this time of year.  Last winter's wonderful rainfall encouraged significant growth, so there was lots to chop this winter.  How many more plants to cut back? 
The pruning bouquets are piling up

 Couple here...did these this morning.  Took 5 minutes. 
Did some other stuff in the area, too--hydrangeas, and pulled out the Leucophytums that were beautiful but had completely blocked the path.  That took longer. 
 These were the "dwarf" Leucophytums.
Two there...another five minute job. 
 Two there, 'Bolero' (2004) and 'Snowbird' (1936)  They will be the very last, because there are still quite a few flowers on them.
 I worked on 'Sombreuil' most of the day today.  Hours.  Not done yet. 
 Update:  Got it done Monday.

Next projects are raking, some weed pulling, and a lot of mulching, which is an arduous job, but extremely satisfying when completed.  
January Scenes...Delosperma--no trimming needed.  
Unfortunately we've had a dry January--must keep hoping there's going to be more rain before the season is done.  
 Echeveria coccinea
 I saw a beautiful, healthy 'Kings Fire' Grevillea on Succulents And More which tempted me to trash my very poor specimen, but decided instead to give the plant another hit of iron chealate/10% nitrogen.  It has, at least, sprouted some of its very photogenic flower buds.  
 Still, a pathetic specimen.
It isn't always the location, climate, or gardener who is at fault when the plant is a failure.  Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is a plant that sat in a hot spot at the garden center, or went un-watered by the grower, and was set back too far to recover.  

I've kept it as education in how to better grow Grevilleas.  The very, very sad 'Superb' down in the gully has finally grown significantly and started to flower after several doses of chelated iron/10& N last winter and spring.   'Kings Fire' is in much worse shape.

Hummingbird colors.  It's cool that the bird colors matches the urn colors...
...and unusual to see the colors of this little guy.  He was pale orange and brown rather than the more usual rust and green color.  Juvenile?  
 So that's what's up in this garden as January wanes.  Hope hope February and March turn rainy.  Hope. 


  1. It looks like your garden is going to be ready for what ever the weather brings. It is disappointing when we try our best and a plant just isn't able to cooperate. Best to just rip it out. Easy to say but sometimes more difficult to do.
    That sweet Boris wanting his ball. I bet he shoved it under there just to get your attention.
    Would love to have a fist full of blooms to put into a vase. Happy IAVOM.

    1. Probably best to pull it, know.

      Boris loves his toy. Ah, it is indeed IAVOM! Hope you have flowers soon.

  2. At least some of your trimming produces very pretty cuttings! While I'm done with my paltry number of roses, there's still much more cutting back to do - I've been more ruthless about it this year as my garden becomes more "congested." My doctor diagnosed my problem wrist as a ganglion cyst. She thinks I should stop pruning for now - she gave me a stern look when I said that'd have to wait awhile yet.

    I share your hope for rain in February and March.

    1. Yikes! Sorry to hear your wrist is hurt. I hope it heals up quickly. Still quite a bit of winter left, so there's time to rest.

      I washed the car yesterday, to encourage the rain to return. Maybe if I do the all the windows in the house, that would help, too.

  3. My King's Fire is anemic and pale yellow due to iron issues as well -- just started having this problem fall/winter and especially after the rain. Weird. I'm adding iron too. So it definitely has this propensity -- it's not just you!

    1. Cold soil & then they can't absorb iron. 'Medusa' and 'Superb' get it bad, too, 'Moonlight', 'Coastal Gem', rosemarinifolia not at all, 'Ned Kelly', 'Peaches and Cream', 'Robyn Gordon', just a touch.

  4. Great pictures - especially the hummingbird. That first one made me laugh - reminded me of our dear departed cat who used to stick her paw under the bathroom door when we would try to get a little privacy in there.

    1. Ha! That is funny about your cat. She must have brought you a lot of joy. The pups try to herd me around. Pets are endlessly entertaining.


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