July 2020 Blooms

 Dahlia 'Cafe au Lait'

Rose 'Rouge Royale':
 'Munstead Wood''s color is not as dark as it is in spring, but still, swoony-good. 
 Clematis viticella
Teucrium chamaedryoides is a favorite of bees
 Protea 'Sylvia'
 Grevillea 'Ned Kelly'
From South Africa, Erica verticillata is coming into flower.  This was an experiment as I was unsure what this plant wants, but so far it has done well. 
The plant:

The beginning of Lagerstroemia season. 'Ebony Blush'
Against a very blue sky.
 'Ebony Embers' crimson is echoed by the red new foliage of Leucadendron 'Reverse Polarity'
A foliage aside:  'Wilson's Wonder' looks better and better as it matures:
   Red again in 'Altissimo'...
 ...and 'Top Gun'.
The dainty flowers of Echeveria 'Imbricata'
'Merlot Magic' might be the name of this one. 
 One of the Garvinea Gerberas
 Name Unknown Fuchsia
And meanwhile, on the dog sofa, a "Does The Man have food?!?!" moment.  
Consider the expression in their great big brown puppy-dog eyes.  They never look at me like that.  

Hoping your July is flowery.


  1. The 'Ebony Blush' is so unique. I've never seen one that color. I'm hoping to get blooms on my 'Dynamite' this year.

    1. The "blush" one is not as dramatic as the one with really white flowers. I'm sort of casually looking for the one with the icy white flowers. But the "blush" one is quite nice.

      "Dynamite" is just starting to flower here, a little earlier than it did last year. Hope yours puts on a show--its a beauty!

  2. I guess a natural question would be - do you have a couch dedicated to your dogs? Since our dog isn't allowed on the couches he makes a nest out of anything remotely soft that's left on the ground... jackets, backpacks, shoes (!) etc. When the adults have left - he's on the couch.

    I planted Wilson's Wonder and Reverse Polarity recently - great plants and color. good to seem them in your garden. Teucrium also a great plant for CA and so tough - ours has a blue flower, is often abused or neglected but seems to have flowered almost non-stop for years.

    Last but not least - great shot of the Dahlia! We have no flowers so far but they truly remind me of the height of Summer.

    1. The story on the dog sofa is: Our old sectional sofa was aging badly. We always sat at one end and the other end didn't get used much. We got a new sofa. The local trash company takes "big items" twice a year, but they only take 4 items per household. So we got rid of four sections of the sectional, and had two sections that were basically brand new. I was going to get them taken away at the next "big item" event, but somehow or other with a cover over them them, they became the dog sofa. We sit on it too, to pet the dogs, but it really is dedicated to them. They are not allowed on the new one.

      The Leucadendrons as they grow get better and better. Really enjoying them and their "stained glass" effect when backlit. 'Wilsons Wonder' was so meh at first, now, wow!

      That Teucrium with the blue flowers--I still "need" that one. Bought it once and it died, unfortunately. Will try again when I see it for sale again.

  3. That's because you don't eat meat! Glorious flower photos. I'll be interested in updates on the Erica. Seaside seems to grow a variety in this genus but I've never tried any. Is it thirsty?

    1. Yes, exactly! When Dear Husband is barbecuing, it is as if I don't even exist.

      I would not call the Ericas thirsty, but I would absolutely NOT call them xeric. Water required. They like coastal, so should do well for you if watered. I planted that one in '17 I think, and E. speciosa in late '18. Saw and became interested in them first at the UC Santa Cruz BG--they have a big expanse of them. Armstrong's seems to have them every so often.

  4. Oh your roses look so very nice-I had Rouge Royale at some time in the past. 'Blue Glow' now lives where it used to. Choices must be made !

    1. Rouge Royale is not a great plant foliage-wise, but I adore the flowers and old rose fragrance. Choices are made. Our gardens are where we have complete veto power--sometimes the only place.

  5. You have so many plants I am not familiar with! What a pretty gerbera. My germander is just starting to bloom. I love the plants, and if I ever try my hand at a knot garden I'll edge it with germander, not boxwood, which I don't care for.

    1. I love knot gardens! They take considerable skill--I'm not at that level of skill yet--maybe someday. Here that particular germander stays a deep deep dark green no matter whateven in extreme drought, so it is invaluable.

  6. I really like those single petaled roses.
    Of course those sweet fluff balls like a bit of bbq'd meat. :)

    1. 'Altissimo' is particularly good. The crimson red with gold center--a perfect pairing.

      Actually the pups want a much larger amount than a bit, but a bit is usually what they get.

  7. I look forward to your bloom post every month. July did not disappoint. So much floral splendor. I feel better (seriously!) just looking at your photos. Thank you for that!

  8. Your Erica is extinct in the wild. The botanist who managed to find survivors in botanical gardens, sadly died this week (in part due to COVID) Your plant forms part of a living memorial to a man who loved plants.

    1. I knew some of that, that the species was a special beauty miraculously saved and rediscovered.


      Did not know the sad loss of the person who tracked down survivors in gardens. I do treasure this plant, not just for its beauty but because of the efforts of those who saved it.

  9. Wonderful roses and Leucodendron.


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