Post Stump

Tall bearded Iris are starting to flower.

 Post stump removal, the area got a new sprinkler head and three new plants.  

1. One of the Agave titanota 'White Ice' offsets I pulled off the 'White Ice on the far left

2. Aloe aculeata.  There are two more there, one of which can be seen on the far upper right

3. Leucadendron 'More Silver', moved from the mailbox bed.  I planted two right next to each other a couple of weeks or so ago.   After advice from someone who has successfully grown 'More Silver',  I moved one of the two here.  

Elsewhere in the garden...

A month ago, seedless table grape 'Suffolk Red' appeared completely dead.  Completely dried up.  Ready to crumble into mulch.  

Fooled me.  Planted in August 2019, will it flower for the first time this year? 

This week, Callistemon (now in Melaleuca) viminalis 'Slim' burst into flower.  The male Hooded Oriole has been at the flowers.  Happy that birds can benefit from it. 
More Dutch Iris opening
Different variations in color, all lovely. 

 I like the mere hint of purple on the back of the white ones, while face on, they stick out their yellow tongues at the sky.

Lots of lavender seedlings popped up due to the rain a couple weeks ago.  I may have thrown some dried flowers around last summer, in the hope of seedlings.  A few transplanted to favorable spots on the front slope.  One turned out to be a weed,  the little one with scalloped narrow flowers and a daisy flower, just on the edge of not being a weed.  Still a weed.   It was easily replaced.  

Not merely free lavenders--free weeds, too!  The lavender seedlings  may or may not make it--April is already imminent and summer heat won't be far off--actually we're due to get some Wednesday, unfortunately.  Weeds, of course, won't have any trouble.  Spotted spurge loves heat. 

This one is a lavender:

Leucospermum glory time.  Several neighbors and the mailman stopped to admire them. 

There below the Leucospermum is one of 2020's lavenders.  They usually volunteer right at the edge of the slope, where it meets the concrete curb.  If they are happy, I'm happy.  Grab um like hair, and cut off half.  March and October. 
What's making you happy at this start to Spring? 


  1. I'm happy that 3 of my 4 Leucospermums are blooming - I'm afraid 'Sunrise' is inclined to keep me waiting another year. The Pacific Coast Iris are starting to bloom too and it looks as though some of the seeds I scattered about have produced seedlings. Although I do have at least one self-seeded lavender, I think I need to follow your example and toss some dried flowers around later this year. It's already been very warm here (we hit 87F at one point on Sunday!) and unfortunately the Freesias and even the Dutch Iris are being knocked out very quickly.

    1. Thanks for commending on you PC iris. I was wondering if PC Iris would grow here--maybe I will try some in the oak tree's shade, now that the oak tree casts more shade.

      The goldfinches eat the lavender seed--happy they have something beneficial here besides their three or four baths a day. I notice the goldfinches at the neighbor's rosemary--must be seeds they are after. Yes try throwing dry lavender flowers around. Doesn't cost anything at all. It worked with Tracheclium, too.

      Yeah, horrible heat already. :( I try not to think about it because it is so depressing. Can't take depressing right now.

  2. Seeing your Dutch Iris blooming makes me anxious to see mine.

    1. Aren't they wonderful? Are they cold hardy in your region? Mine come back every year, another reason to love them.

  3. All your gorgeous photos are making me happy right now. Love the Leucospermum. Spring is approaching rapidly so am having fun potting up bulbs and starting seeds. yeah!

    1. Happy you liked the pictures. Thanks.

      Starting seeds--I'm making the effort this year--we'll see how that goes. Here's to Spring!


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