April Flowers


A post done in great haste, because six yards of mulch are waiting out on the street:

Callistemon (Melaleuca) 'Slim' covered with flowers and flopped over because of that:

Iris 'Paprika Fonos'
Clematis 'The President'
The garden Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) are just starting to flower  This one is coming up in the middle of a Salvia:
Many more flowers soon--several dozen
Salvia 'Amistad' all hacked to the ground, springing forth once again
The first sweet pea flowers, any day now:

One area mulched.  Mulch makes each plant stand out.  Mulch:  the frame on the Mona Lisa, the tilt in the Tower of Pisa...

Can't get a truly satisfactory photo of Leucadendron 'Pom Pom'.  Yet.  I'll keep trying.  Nice, though, with an 'Ebony' series Lagerstroemia in the background:
Doesn't do it justice
The seedling of Leucospermum 'Yellow Bird' that I grew from seed:
Leucospermum 'Scarlet Ribbons' whole-plant view.  Last summer  I went out in blazing hot weather to dump water on it because it was struggling.  It worked. 
Just like how the lone Lavender flower photo-bombs the scene:
Leucadendron 'Cloudbank Ginny' is similar to 'Pom Pom'.  This plant is three years more mature than 'Pom Pom', hence a bigger show, though 'Pom Pom' has much larger cones:
First flowers ever on the Aloe buhrii with Limonium perezii providing purple in the background:
Kumara (Aloe) plicatilis in flower.  Yucca queretaroensis is the needle-narrow foliage behind and to the side:
Aloe 'Cobras Eye' with Gerbera and Salvia 'Wendy's Wishes'
Still Hellebores.  The flowers fade but look wonderful anyway, and for weeks and weeks:

Salvia 'Love and Wishes' visits with Graptoveria 'Fred Ives':
'Brass Band':
California poppy, Mexican Tulip Poppy, and Verbena 'de la Mina' for touches of daintiness

Salvia 'Waverly', hacked to the ground and moved a couple of months ago bounced right back.  A Salvia that gets far too big, but it discreetly feeds the female and juvenile Hummingbirds while the aggressive males fight over Grevillea 'Superb'.  Waverly considers its shadow: 
'Jubilee Celebration'

Many more flowers, but mulch to move, beds to mulch.  Happy April!


  1. I love the look that fresh mulch gives the garden. Seeing your blooms is always a treat. I love the Callistemon!

  2. A beautiful display. I wish I had your success with Salvias. Your Leucadendron 'Pom Pom' has me wondering where I could put one. Best wishes with the mulching exercise ;) I could use a truck load myself.

  3. Your photos are always wonderful. Your plants are, too!

  4. Gorgeous. Brass band is fabulous as are the deep purple iris. Those two would look stunning together. Oh and can't forget all the Leucopspermum. Yellow bird is so bright and cheerful. Makes you smile. Yes mulch is the finishing touch in the garden. Too bad it can't move itself

  5. That's a mulch mountain! Thanks for taking the time to do a quick post, so much floral beauty in your garden.

  6. Your garden is so colorful and full of blooms. Your pile of mulch reminds me that I need to be doing some mulching.

  7. Incredible how leucospermums are settling into gardens and becoming almost indispensable now for late winter/spring. I've included 'Waverly' this year too. Despite it's size, it's still one of the best salvias for me. The rugose leaves are sun-resistant, blooms well in light shade too, open and graceful. Aloe buhrii is lovely. Take it easy with all that mulch!

  8. That's one nice pile of mulch you have there Hoov..I hope to finish my mulching this weekend. Salvia 'Waverly' will just not overwinter for me -it's dead as can be. I'll think of it as a summer annual I guess.


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