For The Blue And White Garden

 Clematis 'Perle d'Azur', mandatory

 Plants for planning a blue/white/green garden bed.   "Blue" includes lavender-blue and purple.  "White" includes silver.  More than any other color combination, blue and white creates a mood (for me, anyway), of renewal, of cool, refreshing simplicity.  Of purity. 

Dutch Iris, oh yes.

Sweet peas, white and lavender-blue, of course

 Geranium 'Rozanne', natch

'Rozanne' with pristine white Leucanthemums

Lavender 'Thumbelina Leigh':


Centaurea ragusina

Hydrangea 'Endless Summer', with soil sulfur added for blueness
More clematis--'Polish Spirit'...
...or 'Wisley'

Verbena has become a new favorite.  Here with silvery Ballota pseudodictamnus

Another Hydrangea:  'Shooting Star', gleaming
Tritelia laxa 'Queen Fabiola'

Festuca glauca 'Elija Blue'--a different sort of blue altogether
Rhodanthemum  hosmariense for its silvery foliage...

...and its winter/spring display of white flowers:

Lobelia erinus 'Crystal Palace':

 Salvia 'Blue Hill'

 Rose 'Iceberg', unquestionably!

 Agapanthus!  How could I forget Agapathus? 

The trick will be sustaining the same color scheme throughout the year--in winter and spring, flowering plants, in the dry season, foliage like the Festuca and Agaves?   Or, dramatically change it at some point, via plant selection, from blue and white in winter/spring, to something-else-and-white for summer and autumn?  And where to place this blue and white theme?  The hydrangeas are long-established on the east side of the house.  Is that the likely spot?    All questions for later.  For now, at least a list is a start.  And an inspiration--I feel refreshed already. 


  1. Whatever you do, I know it'll be glorious, HB!

    1. Maybe after I rework it three or four times!

  2. Nice selection - I especially like that Clematis 'Wisley'. I've got lots of blue and white blooms right now as well.

    1. 'Wisley' has a been a great performer--must be an ideal spot for it. Deep, very rich, moist soil. One of the only bits of the garden that stays relatively moist.

  3. A perfect collection of blue and white. Calming and restorative in the garden.

  4. I think narrowing it down is going to be the toughest problem, you sure aren't starved for choice! I was surprised to see so many cool weather flowers still doing well, you really work magic there... and I now need more clematis :)

    1. We have had cold nights all spring (50's F) which has extended the happiness of cool-season-happy plants despite lacking a rainy winter. The nights saved us!

      From what I can tell your climate (PA average rainfall 41 in/year!?!?!?!) is much more conducive to growing magnificent clematis than here. So, yes, you need a lot more Clematis!

  5. There is a reason blue is the most sought after colour in garden plants. It pairs beautifully with everything but creates such a serene mood. Can see how you feel refreshed after a walk through your garden. My favourite combos include blue and yellow.

    1. Blue and yellow, yes indeed. Agapanthus accidentally ended up next to rose 'Golden Celebration'--serendipity!

  6. These are such gorgeous plants I just want to stare at them longer and longer !
    The clematis 'Perle d'Azur is a perfect blue to me . The lighting for that Dutch Iris is magical. The yellow stripping is almost fluoresant . I love silvers being part of the club .. that is how I think of my lamb's ear border, plus artemisia Valerie Finnis (which desperately needs to be transplanted to a sunnier location in my garden) The cooling affect of blues, whites, and silvers is amazing. Yet that is the trick .. to sustain those plants through as much of the season as possible .. I fear I would not be up to the task but I would love to watch a garden do so !


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