A Little Drizzle


A grey day with a little drizzle is rare here.  So rare, that when it arrives, I enjoy it, wandering the garden, seeing what I rarely see:  moisture that came from the sky, not the hose.

Dust washed from the pavement, leaves convinced to fall by droplets:
Spidersilk shooting from the Leucadendron.
...or making a net of jewels on a Curio (aka Senecio):

Agave, too:
'Fred Ives' Graptoveria sprinkled with diamonds:

Erica speciosa:

Dichondra argentea:

The first water Aloe 'Helskloof Bells' has gotten since about March:

Ditto for Kalanchoe beharensis:

Protea 'Sylvia':

Trying to stay dry under a leaf?  Why?  Don't be shy, gorgeous!

Most beautiful of all were the white and near-white roses, textured, as if oozing glass.  
'SDLM' ('Souvenir de la Mal Maison' to non-rosers):


Endless grey days of course are depressing to most people, but one or two out of three hundred sixty five refresh the spirit.  
What are your rare days of weather delight?


  1. I've appreciated the cooler temperatures, which have allowed more intensive work in the garden. We haven't had any noticeable drizzle here (darn it!), although we had 2 days in a row the week before last that each registered as delivering 0.01/inch of precipitation. I actually even got a little water out of 2 of my rain tanks afterwards. Every drop counts...

    1. Yes indeedy. Every drop! A bit of cool weather and we're all out there while it lasts.

  2. I particularly like these close-in shots-I like to do them too but I don't often enough. I loves SDLM and tried to grow it several years ago. I did not seem to care for our cool wet springs and eventually I dug it out. I would try it again if I had a spot.

    1. SDLM doesn't much like cool wet here, either. A gem otherwise--no wonder people are still growing it some 180 years after introduction.

  3. Lately, they have been the same as yours. I took a gander outside too, to enjoy the beautiful rain. I dusted off my rain gear for work, which felt significant. My favorite part of fall though, are the cool mornings, the crisp air, and the intensity of the colors.

    1. Just as you say--cool mornings, crisp air, intense colors. Nothing better!

  4. I love my gray drizzly (nor rare at all) days in Seattle!
    The photos of 'snowbird' are stunning. Protea 'Sylvia' is amazing with or without rain droplets.

    1. I could go for more gray drizzlies--we used to get more.

      'Snowbird' is an excellent rose--first introduced around 1931! We should all look so good at age 90.

  5. I love these photos. They'll tide me over until it's our turn to get some precipitation--whenever that is.

    P.S. I continue to have problems leaving comments. Who knows what Blogger is up to again!

    1. I'm getting that commenting problem too. Something about a memory cache full?!?!


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