More Chopping, Some Foliage, Sibling Rivalry

Got Leucadendron 'Chief' planted on the east slope.  
Below 'Chief' on the slope are a couple of Agave macroacantha 'Pablo's Choice'.  They get no irrigation other than winter rain, and while it has slowed their growth significantly, it has not affected their beauty. 

While I'm not a big fan of spines (the Puya is still waiting for extraction), the contrast of black spines, blue leaves, and a pleasing symmetry is very attractive.  

Sunrise makes the 'Oshio Bene' foliage almost appear to have taken on some autumn coloration.  Not really.  It's just the light.

Piles of chopped off summer growth accumulating around the garden.

The Iochroma 'Purple Queen' grew a lot this year:

Because the Santa Ana wind season is about to start, it got a hard pruning: 

No pruning needed for Agave 'Ivory Curls': 

Lots of plants yet to trim.

The pups are more entertaining these days than my gardening activities.  

Sibling rivalry:

Nap time:
More sibling rivalry:


  1. That Iochroma is almost scary. The one I planted years ago did nothing but perhaps I should try it again. B&N are adorable, with or without subtitles.

  2. I'm shocked with the level of pruning on the Iochroma 'Purple Queen'. Is that an annal treatment? How hard do you prune your clematis? I've yet to cut mine, ever. The thought of removing all but a foot or so makes my heart weak and my hand shake.
    Agave 'Ivory Curls' is beautiful: it looks like water running down a slide.

    1. Yes, I chop the Iochroma down that much every year. The branch strength is close to zero so if I don't chop it down, the Santa Ana winds do it for me. I'm more gentle. It leafs out again pretty quickly.

      All the clematis in this garden are type III, and the standard instruction for type III is to cut down to about 6" tall every year.

  3. Love the Ivory Curls photo. Really emphasizes the leaf waves. Your pup sure knows how to relax. We have a cat who in the summer sleeps in what we call 'the otter pose', on his back with feet tucked up. With his belly exposed I think it helps cool him down.


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