October Roses


'The Ambridge Rose'

I feel like a plant slow to awaken from summer dormancy.  Just sitting there.  Much to do in the garden, but it's not getting done.  Monday is forecast to be a rain-day.  Perhaps that will help get me going.  

In the mean time, some pictures of the roses. 


'Bolero' (2004):

'Princess Alexandra of Kent', conversing with red Pentas:

'The Poet's Wife':
'Julia Child':
'Princesse Charlene de Monaco', after yesterday's drizzle:
'Sombreuil', with a very late Clematis bud: 
'Bishop's Castle':
'Old Port', dewy:
The rose grown from a cutting I got from Colleen's rose that she grew from a cutting she got from Bea, who brought a cutting home in her suitcase from her Mom's farm in Tennessee, her Mom having bought the rose at the feed store in town: 
'Apricot Cream':
'Darcy Bussell':
'Charles Rennie Mackintosh': 

A few other flowers besides roses...

Zephyranthes candida: 

Clematis 'Etoile Violette'
The last Dahlia of the year, 'Catching Fire':
Grevillea 'Moonlight':
Saliva 'Ember Wishes' with surprisingly ornamental Agapanthus flower stems:

Saliva 'Wendy's Wish':

Saliva 'Amistad':
Grevillea 'Superb':
Callistemon 'Little John':
Callistemon 'Slim':

Aloe 'Rooikappie':

Hydrangea 'Shooting Stars'.  Quite a few late flowers--it's nearly November!
Metrosideros collina 'Springfire':
Even a few of the Hunnemannias are still going:

They all seem to be full of zest and energy--so what's my problem? 


  1. I was hoping that you would get rain. Gorgeous photos - several of them are not showing up on my end.

    1. Thanks, Phillip!

      I got that missing photo issue myself--did an update on the post and the missing pics have now reappeared. Seems to be a quirk in the software; I accidentally published the post with the wrong date of several days ago, then I reposted with the correct date--apparently that damaged some of the photo links.

  2. Your garden really is getting a second spring, HB! I love all the roses. Mine produced very few blooms this past spring and they seem inclined to sit out our second spring too. Any passing thoughts of giving them extra water was quashed with receipt of our water ill yesterday - we used slightly less than the same period in 2020 and our bill is nearly double the cost...

    I loved your denuded Agapanthus flower stalks. One year, I stripped all the spent flowers on the majority of my stalks only to have the gardeners cut them all down a couple days after I finished. The gardeners never even pull a weed but the frequency with which they cut or shear things I don't want cut or sheared is truly remarkable.

    Best wishes for more than the projected rainfall tomorrow!

    1. Double the cost?!?! Some CEO is going to get a fat bonus.

      That Agapanthus doesn't seem to produce seed pods.

      "Cut or shear things you don't want" is why I do all my own gardening, except for the very occasional stump removal.

      Enjoy the rain!

  3. Your rose collection is so impressive but what's even more impressive to me is that you can name them all!

    1. No problem remembering the names of roses and dogs. People....well....

  4. Nothing like rebloom when the weather cools down. You really have a stunning collection of roses. I grow Firefighter and could spend all day with my nose stuck in the flower inhaling the delicious scent. We got our first rain of the Fall season yesterday too: 3". Could hear the ground sighing in relief.

    1. 'Firefighter''s fragrance is the best! The fall roses are often the best of the year here.

      3"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be delirious with joy. Congratulations!

      We'll be lucky if we get .25" out of this one.

  5. Stunning selections! Thanks for sharing the roses. I have some buds; fingers crossed that they'll bloom before the frosts/freezes knock them out. I'll look forward to your posts as the cold weather takes over here in the Midwest in the weeks ahead.

    1. Frost/freezes--hope you get some roses first!

  6. Love that cutting tracing - all the way to Tennessee! That's the kind of memories that makes gardens so wonderfully personal. You have so many gorgeous flowers. I used to not care much for roses, but after having to research them for a project a couple of years ago, I now find them fascinating, and have several favorites. Funny how we develop and change, isn't it?


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