This Morning In Wind


Something looks different this morning.  Something was missing from the view above.  

I investigated, even though the Santa Ana winds were roaring.  Here, it's not entirely safe to go out when the winds roar.  Things fall.  Big things.  Like Eucalyptus.

Neighbor-In-The-Back had a dead Euc on their property, right next to power lines.  Didn't care.  I and Neighbor-To-The-East called/emailed/talked to the County and the power company, multiple times. Nothing.  Last night, the wind took care of it. 
Neighbor-To-The-East got it.  Could have fallen into our property.  Could have fallen into the power line and caused a fire during 60 MPH gusts and 20% humidity.   Wind chose neighbor's.  Whew!
Ooh.  Smashed Neighbor-To-The-East's fence. 
Took out two thirds of their Schinus molle, too.   Too bad.  All of it would have been better. 
No one hurt, thankfully.  Thankfully it did not fall into the power line and cause a fire.


Jane Strong said…
Happy that you and your garden are OK. SCE had come out Tuesday and cut most of mine down. Fortunate timing. The wind blew the remaining branches straight out. Ripe oranges were pounding on the roof all night long. Such excitement.
OMG! I'm so happy that the tree fell on *their* property. I don't even want to think of the kind of damage it could have caused in your garden!
Kris Peterson said…
Lucky for everyone concerned, but I'd still be furious with the irresponsible neighbor-in-the-back who I hope will be required to pay big time for repairs required by neighbor-to-the-east. I'd be tempted to send photos to both the county and power company officials who were contacted too - they dodged a bullet but need to be more receptive to stakeholder input if they don't want to end up like PG&E. A neighbor 2 doors down from us hounded our power company about trees mingling with power lines just beyond his property and they finally had a tree service in to deal with those earlier this week.
Hoover Boo said…
Well, good timing there by the Notorious SCE. Neighbor four houses down had tree guys in this morning--they gave up and left--too windy, not safe.

Ripe oranges pounding your roof?!?!!
Hoover Boo said…
It sure smashed their fence. Not cheap to fix. I don't know who did it but someone cut up the tree this morning and threw all the trunk-chunks over the fence back to the tree owner--maybe the tree owner's mow-blow guys did it. They were there blowing leaves around with their noisy machines. Silly--the wind was just blowing in more.
Hoover Boo said…
Neighbors-In-The Back are not my favorites, but they could be much, much worse.
The Neighbors-To-The-East are super nice.

We tried to get that tree taken care of but it just wasn't a priority. Sigh. The costs and problems are all pushed onto us customers and the corporate executives walk away with millions.
Oh dear. Good that no one was hurt and it didn't fall on the power line. That's a relief!