Neighbor's Garden Eye Candy


If your end-of-February weather is chilly, the above might warm you up.  Hippeastrum papillio and Salvia 'Roman Red'

A neighbor's garden is looking great.  They graciously  invited me to take a few photos.

 Leucospermum 'Blanche Ito':


'Blanche Ito' with Salvia 'Amistad':

Leucadendron, Pedilanthus, Aeonium, and a wisp of Senecio cineraria:

Strelitzia reginae and Salvia 'Mystic Spires Blue':

The Acacia was in full chrome-yellow flower:
Only a few stems were not yet open:

Warmed up, now? 


  1. Thank you for this. You're right: It did cheer me up. Your neighbor's garden is beautiful! I love purple and orange blooms in combination, and all the other bright blooms are gorgeous, too.

  2. Oh my goodness, what fabulous combinations! That big full Acacia is fantastic. How wonderful to have a like minded neighbor- I bet they are thrilled with your photos!

  3. Yes! Thank you, those were sizzling!

  4. Yes I am. Thank-you. Beautiful photos, especially that first one. We are expecting another cold snap with more snow so thank-you for the eye-candy. Desperately seeking colour here.

  5. Lovely combinations. The mix of the bird of paradise and the Salvia is particularly striking. I've been warming up (pun intended) to Strelitzia recently, not that I've the faintest idea where I could plant one.

  6. I am enjoying these warm photos immensely as snow mixed with rain comes splatting down from the sky up here in Oregon. Good day for traveling to warmer places via blog!

  7. Kirstenbosch today was bench in the shade weather!
    Blanche Ito flower opening squiffy - the way the sun catches it?

    1. Hot?!?!? :( Blanche Ito has an unusual moment when the buds appear---they will look like a spiral staircase--is that what you meant? Or maybe just the camera or lighting? In person 'Blanche' is a beauty.

    2. "Squiffy" what a fun word! Have not heard that here--I love words and that's a good one.


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