Pristine April Flowers After Terrific April Showers

 I noticed over the weekend that our rain gauge was not working.  It was raining steadily but the gauge was showing only occasional increases of 0.01" Investigation revealed it was clogged up with leaves blown in during an earlier wind storm.  So our measurement is inaccurate for the rain year. Guesstimate is 2.3" for the two day event, rain year total about 15". 

That's a deep soaking just as the garden is kicking into high-growth mode.  Perfect timing. With a soaked garden, little to do except walk around and enjoy it.   

A photo of one of the male Orioles, finally!  They are so good about hiding.  Avocado 'Fuerte' is in flower:
Aloe marmorata flower stem is really tall:
Leucospernum Seedling of 'Yellow Bird'
Aloe 'Hercules' trunk
Leucadendron 'Cloudbank Ginny' and Leucospermum 'Tango':

Sweet pea flowers, finally!   'Cupani'
A bouquet gathered but not yet arranged:
Double picotee Hellebore:
Iris leaning on 'Austin Griffiths' Arctostaphylos for support:
Valencia orange planted in 2023 is doing well:
'Tamora' dug up in 2023, replanted a few weeks ago in a sunny location:
Callistemon / Melaleuca 'Slim':
'Mystic Spires Blue' awaiting the bumblebees:
That's what's up here.   Spring gathering momentum for you yet?


  1. What a great combination 'Cloudbank Ginny' and 'Tango' make: I love how their colors are mirrored.
    Aloe 'Hercules' are impressive. I'm glad you focused on the trunk texture this time. Its fabulous.

    1. That color range goes across genera; some Aloes too have that. The pollinators in SA must be lured by those colors. :^)

      I guess that the Hercules get their trunk beauty from A. dichotoma, which has a even more beautiful texture.

  2. We've had the same problem off and on with our rooftop rain gauge, although the blockage in our case is usually created by spider webs. This year's rain has been much better than I expected (or feared). The LA Times has a front page article today stating that these last 2 back-to-back water years have been better than all but one other in 1888-1890! The climatologists also think our rainy season may extend into May. Spring is a joy!

    1. matter of fact a black widow crawled out as i was washing that cone out. squealing happens got the critter safe outside. Spring yes joy!

  3. I'm glad you're getting plenty of precip...I hope not too much? Those Irises at the beginning are beautiful, as is your arrangement. Yum. And more blooms and fun bark and Hellebores...luscious.

    1. No not too much everything was drying out. Happy Spring-soon-for-you!

  4. Wow, your garden is truly Spring-ing in the best way. So lush. Love seeing the Oriole in your avocado tree. We only get them here for a short time, I believe around nesting time. Love the photo of the stairs and surrounding beauty, so welcoming.

    1. 2 winters of good rain--what a joy!!!! The Orioles hang around here until late summer, I like to think it's all the Grevilleas, blooming Agaves, and the Metrosideros which they are always at, but I don't really know. I see the fledglings getting instructed and supervised by Mom and Dad, it is interesting and cool to see that.

  5. Your garden is looking fantastic after the generous rainy season. The iris are beautiful. Rather cool how the aloe trunk looks so tree-like with their rough bark. Spring is teasing us here. Small bulbs are waking up, found a beautiful little blooming hepatica amongst the leaves yesterday. However, rain today turning to snow for the next several days then back to warm. Such is Spring here but at least I know it's started.

    1. Hepatica, cool!

      Same with my sister in Alaska, the snow was melting (and rather icky) and then it snowed again...


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