Three Weeks On


'Silas Marner'

 My main gardening achievements over the past three weeks were a little watering, draining saved rain into the soil around the Syzygium hedge, and planting new Cordyline 'Burgundy Spire' in a pot. 

Cordylines have done better potted here than in ground.  

'Burgundy Spire':

A tiny near-dead bit of Cordyline 'Festival Grass' took years in a pot to regain its health and grow after losing it in the ground.

A test of patience:

Mostly I just looked around out there.  I'm using a cane to walk.  Task speed is slow motion. Carrying even a small watering can is difficult.  Moving the new Cordyline from the driveway to the patio for repotting took a couple of days.   

At the moment the plants are moving faster than I am.  Dahlias that slept in pots since October are waking up.

Striking Hippeastrum in the meantime:

As expected the Eriocapitella (Japanese Anenome) is starting to re-infest the Dahlia's planned planting bed.  I hope to be able to wield a shovel soon enough to keep it banished.
'Indian Summer' Alstroemeria flowered lightly all winter, but cranked up production the past few weeks:
The 'Miners Merlot' Euphorbia hasn't died yet.  It's flowering with interesting colors.  The leaves lost their rich burgundy hue, turning blue-green.  The flowers are a mix of rosy pink and sulfurous yellow-green. 
A 'Wendy's Wish' Salvia that struggled all last summer stopped struggling and exploded with growth and flowers:
Roses look great at the moment.
The 'Cupani'  Sweet Peas are flowering, finally.  The 'My Navy' cultivar is MIA. 
Leucospermum 'Blanche Ito' was iffy last year because of a leaking irrigation valve--too wet.  It appears to have survived that. 

The roses loved our wet February.  Their flowers are oversized and heavily petaled.

'Drop Dead Red':

'Brass Band':

A Trachelium is growing up through 'Julia Child' rose--when they are able to bloom simultaneously the effect will be striking--maybe:
'Firefighter' with a backdrop of black Aeonium is rather nice:

Clematis loved that February soaking, too.


'Etoile Violette':

The volunteer Stock seedlings turned out to be all lavender--but it's a lovely lavender:
Acer 'Oshio Bene' leafed out in just the past three weeks.  It needs a clear-out of dead twigs, something I may be able to do this year, once my knee recovers.
Three weeks on.


  1. Orange blooms make me happy: Leucospermum 'Blanche Ito' is fabulous!
    I planted 5 small sweet pea starts only last week. Curious to see when I'll get to inhale their amazing fragrance.
    How much longer before you knee is suppose to heal? The wait must be challenging.

    1. 'Blanche' is a stunner, probably my favorite Leucospermum.

      On the healing, not sure. Walking on a flat sidewalk (already there) is not the same as climbing the slope to pull weeds or trim a hedge. I can walk pretty well but use the cane for safety and that means only one hand available and no heavy thing can be carried.

  2. Wishing you a continued recovery. Your garden and photos are lovely as ever. I'm guessing your husband does not garden but maybe you could hire someone to do the shovel work. I do wish I could find that 'Indian Summer' alstroemeria. It is so beautiful.

    1. Dear Husband does not garden much, and is quite taken up with his work. It's okay I'll be back to it soon. I wonder if you can find 'Indian Summer' online? It's outstanding. I think in your climate it would vanish for winter?

  3. Three weeks! Your garden is looking gorgeous, that Drop Dead Red rose is a stunner. Wendy's Wish has really filled out - reminding me where in the heck is mine? lol.

    1. 'Wendy' likes some fertilizer I've noticed. And rain...

  4. Oh so lovely! Wish I could grow roses like you do. I'm especially drawn to the orangey/peach types. The fact that you are able to get around a bit is a definite improvement but probably a bit too slow for your liking. Hang in there. Your photo of the sweetpeas reminded me that I had better get mine planted soon before it gets too warm. Cupani are one of my favourites for fragrance.

    1. I love the peachy ones too. 'Tamora' and 'The Ambridge Rose' are favorites. Cupani besides the fragrance--the two-tone coloration is cool, too.

  5. Oh I feel your pain at not being able to do much. Such gardener torture! At least you've surrounded yourself with beautiful things to look at. May you continue to heal.

    1. Every day a little better. Thanks! It is a test of patience. Seems like it's easier to be patient with plants than with my knee!

  6. I love all the flowers in your garden. So beautiful.

  7. Sorry the recovery continues, but hopefully soon you'll be in even better shape than before. Oh, my goodness...such dreamy blooms and scenes. The roses especially...I'm going to click back through and savor them. Thanks for sharing. :)


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