What's June Doing?

Clematis 'Perle d'Azur'

June-Gloom weather has fortunately followed May-Gray, so both the gardener and the garden are enjoying the moment.  Half the day overcast means a high temperature in the low 70'sF instead of the low 80's. 
The start of June here means the end of spring's Sweet Peas.  Chop chop chop:
Lesson (hopefully) learned:  don't plant them so close together.  They overcrowded each other. 
There were three Dahlias sprouting underneath the sweet pea jungle, and an Aloe that needs rehab: 

I've chopped the sweet pea plants into the smallest pieces possible with hedge clippers to use as mulch or to go into the compost.

No landfill for you!

Other activity:  nurturing the Cosmos and Marigold seedlings along to plantable size:
Bigger already:

Seed growing has become easier via--suprise!--practice.   

I ended up with 18 Marigold seedlings and 60(!) Cosmos seedlings.  Skipping Zinnias this year--instead a Marigold or Cosmos plant in every empty sunny spot.  Will the Cosmos be as joyful the Zinnias were last year?   We'll see. 

First Cosmos flowers:

One new thing I need to learn is grape vine management.  The small cutting of 'Suffolk Red' seedless table grape I stuck on a whim near 'Perle d'Azur' Clematis in the early winter of 2022-23 has grown faster than expected.  Pre-knee surgery early this spring I thought to pot up the little 12"/30cm tall plant and give it away, but didn't get to it.  

Not 12" tall in June:

I couldn't get control of the original vine in the rodent-free cage in time, either. 

Baby grapes available for raiding:

Why did all the bunches appear outside of the cage?

We're going to need a bigger cage:

It's okay.  It's a learning experience.  At least the Clematis doesn't seem to mind the cutting-grown grape.  Yet. 

Lot and lots of flowers to enjoy during these mild days.

Lavender 'Provence' preparing for its early summer bloom:

'Queen of Elegance':

'Apricot Cream':
Agapanthus 'Atomic Bloom' is claimed to rebloom later in the summer.   We'll see:
Leucadendron 'Ebony' is happier in a pot than it ever was in the ground.  I've killed several planted ones.
Clematis--either 'Niobe', 'Ernest Markham' or 'Bourbon'
The delicate pastels of 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea are more spring than summery, but make me sigh anyway:
Must be careful not to let the Foxgloves reseed.
'Munstead Wood'.  The fragrance is as delicious as the color:
There's the "rescued" Zantedeschia--a flower!
Under the growing Oak, but the area still gets plenty of afternoon sun:
First Dahlia!  Bought last year and it never flowered:
There's a female Oriole on the 3rd flower cluster from the bottom, left side.  Two males were battling over the flowers and flew off.  The female zipped it for sips of nectar:
Peak of perfection for Trachelospermum jasminoides:
'Prunetucky Summer' flowers have been long lasting because of the mild weather:
Peak Leucanthemum, too:
'The Prince' with another Foxglove that must not go to seed:

The buds of Agapanthus are charming gnome-hats:

From chartreuse to the palest pale blue...
June's doings.  It's a wonder I can get anything done--so many delightful distractions.  What garden delights are distracting you today?  What's June done?


  1. I love your Clematis and your gorgeous roses, especial 'Apricot Cream'. Your Hydrangeas make me want to try growing one again, maybe in a large pot. Congratulations on your success with the seeds! I just direct sowed Zinnia seeds after planting out my sprouted dahlias, a late start but then it hasn't really been all that warm here yet. The lily stalks all seem to be up but I think they're stubbornly awaiting more sun.

    1. Last year I direct sowed some Zinnias and some in six-packs and something ate all the direct-sowed seedlings. Grr.

      Hydrangeas give so much for so little effort. Sure they are "old lady flowers"--they demonstrate the wisdom of old ladies!

  2. Beautiful! I started deadheading perennials yesterday, and I think I was a bit late on a couple of those foxgloves Oops! Love the hydrangea, which would be burned & charred here. The orioles are so cute to watch, we only get them here for a few weeks, if we're lucky.

    1. The orioles are here for months and spend a lot of time drinking the nectar from the various Grevilleas, Aloes, and Agaves. Happy to have planted flowers they love.

      The hydrangeas take up a lot of space, but they give so much for so little effort. Well established and on the north side of the wall, they don't demand that much water.

  3. When I saw the title of this post, I knew you'd talk about June Gloom. I'd love some of that so much. We'll be in the mid-90s today, crossing the 100 mark tomorrow. The plants aren't happy, but they're still happier than the gardener!

    1. May-Gray and June-Gloom make the summer 2 months shorter than it otherwise would be--heaven! Sorry to hear NorCal is already heating up.

  4. All those beautiful plants and blooms you showed in the wide shots--lovely! I enjoyed your thoughts and photos of the Sweet Peas, and as you say they're great for compost when it's their time. I mean, every plant and photo is gorgeous. June is stunning in your garden!

    1. June has been wonderful, a thrill. So happy to see the plants so happy, you know?

  5. I just bought one of those wine-red clematis...(I'll have to check on the name), the color of those blooms knocked my socks off!
    I guess I'm in a mood for red: I find your 'Munstead Wood' rose so enchanting... being fragrant makes it a perfect rose.

    I've had Foxglove in my garden for many years: its elegant flower spires add much beauty and are a magnet for bees. I love this common garden plant despite being a prolific re-seeder and a VERY successful germinator. Seedlings are so easy to pick off I let a few go to seed.
    I remember when you sowed your foxglove... are you happy with the turn out?

    1. The foxglove have been really fun. I've enjoyed them quite a lot and they were very easy. I have spots picked out for some next year.


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